The Strangers: The Boyband of Magic

30 minute Interactive Stage Magic Show


The Strangers also known as The Boyband of Magic , is the only trio magic show in Singapore.

The Strangers’ acts consist of beautiful and visually entertaining magic which will wow and amaze the audiences.Featured in the show are highly octane performances strategically crafted and choreographed. Combining comedy and danger together, The Strangers will not only leave the audiences jaw-dropped, it will also truly entertain all kinds of crowds.

If you are looking for a show that is refreshing, new and impactful, look no further, book The Strangers today!

Boyband of Magic The Strangers Singapore Magician

Meet The Strangers

Kim W

Magician and 1/3 of The Strangers

Yu Ji

Magician and 1/3 of The Strangers

Anderson C

Magician and 1/3 of The Strangers