Here's what our clients had to say:

Hello Kim,

It was a wonderful party and our guests very much enjoyed their interaction with you.

A magician is sometimes described as an illusionist, and sometimes a performer.  Whilst a true magician and clearly talented at his craft, it is no illusion that Kim is confident and comfortable with his audience, adding personability to his performance.  A truly magical experience.  Thank you Kim.

Kind Regards
Alexandria (Private Farewell Office Party)

Dear Alexander,

Good day,

The magic show was well received by my colleagues and The Strangers delivered an excellent performance with their wits and skills. Even our council was impressed.

Alvin Lee

13th November 2018

Hi Kim

Anderson’s performance was very well received. Thank you so much for referring him to us.
I am happy to be your referee should there be queries on your services from our other sectors.

Senior Manager

29th October 2018

Hi Alex,

Many thanks for resending the receipt. Sorry for the trouble caused when you are out of office.

I would also like to provide feedback on Joel’s performance during our event. I can see that he put in efforts to prepare for the performance as he seemed to be going through the tricks in his mind before the actual performance. He did well and managed to liven the atmosphere up with his roving magic. Our alumni were all quite amused with his magic and were trying very hard to see through them, but with no avail.

As I was busy mingling with my ex-students, I only managed catch glimpses of the performance by Joel. But from the laughter and feedback from the alumni and my other colleagues, I think he should get at least a 7 to 8 for his performance. And 8 to 9 for the likelihood to engage him again for future events. He really has good attitude and was patiently waiting for his performance to start when there was a delay in our programme.”

Private Client

Hey Kim,

Kenny turned 5th on 17th October and we had a wonderful birthday party. We were glad that we engaged the services of Meta Illusion's professional Magician, Anderson. His stage performance was very interesting and all the kids and adults were very amazed by him. After that, he went around and continued to entertain all our guests (in smaller groups) and he was very professional. His appearance was one of the highlights for the party and we would definitely recommend him to our friends.

Kenny's Mom

17th October 2018

Dear Alexander,

Thank you for asking - YJ was amazing and really entertained all of our guests.
His style was just perfect for the event and we were all completely mystified.
The trick with the card in the pack was outstanding.
Having a magician of YJ’s calibre at our event really made a difference and made people feel like it was a special event.

Thank you again for offering us such special event price. This is really going to make big difference to the children and families we help in Cambodia.

Thank you so much and we are very happy to give you an endorsement or reference whenever you like.

Kindest regards,
President Victoria and the Team

Hey Kim,

I can see that you had lots of fans that refused to let you go! The residents that I spoke to all felt this was an interesting change and was amazed with they what they saw. I hope to work with you in the near future.

Adeline, Management

22nd September 2018

Dear Alexander

We are very pleased with Yu Ji and he got very good response from our guests! 
He seem to appear more often than us in my guests FB , haha and yes i have plan to work with your team in longer term too

Private Client

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the great performance that you and your team has put up. It was captivating and entertaining. The close up roving magic was exceptionally good as well. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Thank you once again and I hope to engage you and your team in the near future!

Best regards,
Eugene Yap 

24th August 2018

Hi Kim,

Thank you once again you were great and people really enjoyed you being there. You were very professional and obviously love what you do.

Hopefully see you at another one of our events.


27th June 2018

Thanks Kim. It was truly great to meet you last night and I was very impressed with the magic and how you delivered it. Very entertaining indeed.

We will take a look and as I said, I’ll discuss with our Chief Marketing Officer too and see if we can engage you guys again. Have a great weekend. Thanks.


27th June 2018

Hi Yu Ji, 

Thank you so much for the efforts during our event! I’ve received wonderful feedback, esp from my marketing manager. He made it a point to tell me having you guys is a great idea. He enjoyed it and so did our customers.



Qi Hui

25th May 2018

Dear Alexander,

Hey u were such a hit last night - The tax leader said u were great, so you may expect some calls from us in the future. Thanks!!



Organizer of PwC Global Conference

24th May 2018

Dear Alexander,

Thank you for your kind text, really appreciated and we were all enthusiastic about your show, kids, in particular P, spoke about your talent with everybody until evening. For sure next time we’ll do a show for adults, we’re thinking at a private event at home with all our friends so I’ll be delighted to keep in touch with you. Congratulations again and thank you for making P's birthday party a special and magic moment for all of us!


Parent of Birthday Boy

21st May 2018


Hi Kim,

The feedback on your show was fantastic - everyone I spoke to said that it was the best attraction of the event. Well done sir! In fact, it was so good that Calvin is thinking to invite you to one more event.


Andrew Graszek

Client Relationship Manager, Asia

12th May 2018

Hi Kim,

“The Strangers have really good chemistry between themselves, thus the performance was well executed. Concluding the show with an inspiring phrase makes it all the more 👏”.


Warm Regards,

Elita Wong 黄淑慧

Administrative Executive

4th May 2018

Dear Alexander,

Hope you landed safely in Singapore. Just wanted to say THANK YOU. You were the star at our event and our guests absolutely loved you. Your performance was a total hit in Colombo and we have had three inquiries this morning!

Thank You Alexander. Even the media was thrilled to interview you and they called us this morning and complimented your act. We will try secure more events for you in the near future and be in touch with your shortly.

Once again THANK YOU! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and we look forward to seeing you again in Sri Lanka in the near future.

Warm regards,

Rishini (Organizer of the Moet & Chandon Event)

See short video here!

27th April 2018

Hi Anderson!

Thank u for the splendid performance today and gracing the event with us Orchid Jayceettes of Singapore.

On behalf of Orchid Jayceettes, we would like to thank Anderson for his amazing magic show. WOWing all of us... We will definitely engage you for our future events!


Jace (President of Orchid Jayceettes)

21st April 2018

Dear Yu Ji,

Thank you so much on being available to support our event, with your aid, our event has been another successful one. This year, many of the professors was exceptionally awed, where the School of MAE Chair himself mentioned that he has never seen such a crowd for MAE Day. This is all because everyone played a part including you. From the feedback I have gathered, you were one of the most eye catching performance, and you even managed to capture a mini fan club amazed by your magic. I definitely will engage a professional magician such as yourself again in my future events. With that being said, I sincerely thank you for your help and contributions to this event.


Warmest Regards,

Ng Zhe Quan

Events Officer

36th Management Committee

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Club"

Hi Alex

Thank you so much for getting YuJi down to perform for the event, Confluence :) I could see his confidence, and generally he has got good interaction w the audience. Yu Ji is also very friendly :) One feedback I have is regarding the song. The transition would have been better if the song sequences were to be controlled by his assistant. Other than that, thank you so much for the hard work and i sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. Looking forward to future collaborations 😊


Sok Chin

(NTUSU Vice Chairperson)

26th & 27th March 2018

Hi Yu Ji,

Thank you for your mail, Kim is very professional and comments from the hosts and guests was he is wonderful. I would like to also thank Alexander for dropping by and demonstrated his trick for the host.

Once again, thank you for the great show and i am looking forward to work with you guys again. Cheers!


Clement (Private Party)

17th March 2018

Hi Kim!

Joel was good! I personally find him proactive so that's really appreciated on my side. I do see guests being wow-ed by his tricks, thanks for letting us have him for the event!


Yi Ling (Dinner and Dance)

5th March 2018

Hi Anderson,

Our guest enjoyed and impressed your magic show, that was awesome indeed. Thanks a lot for making our party unforgettable. Actually they asked about you. Surely they will contact you for their parties :)

Fang Fang

24th Feb 2018


Hi, Alexander and Kim,

Sincerely, and on behalf of my colleagues, I thank Metaillusions team for the relentless coaching throughout the months of preparation.

It was a journey travelled with much challenges & frustrations at times from conceptualising to learning to the final moments, as we have members dropping out, we neglect and only to catch up with the practices at the 11th hour etc, and I witnessed how you and your team bore with us during this period and never stopped giving reminders again and again, only to make sure we succeed.

Thank you, Alexander, for the efforts in studying our personalities and customising the roles for us, I am impressed by this segment of the entire process.

There were a couple of genuine miscommunication and misunderstandings which I so appreciate our resolving them together.

Thank you, Kim, for patient guidance despite our constant forgetting of the lines and theatrical techniques.

There were just so many of us with different gaps during the training sessions, I really don’t know how you did it, but you did it.

Thank you, Anderson, Yuqi & Douglas for accommodating our rehearsal, and seeing to stage preparation.

Not easy, but you all made it work.

I am not sure if you still remember I once shared with you that another company actually gave us up after understanding our performing needs and diversified profiles.  Metaillusions took up this mission (which I thought was almost impossible) and made it a success.  Besides the concrete leadership, Metaillusions has a great team.  The young men are disciplined, humble and embrace accountability; as a HR practitioner it has been a long time since I last encountered such professional young generation from this new era.

Honestly, there were some slips during the actual performance, and I personally wished it could be better.  But well that was the best we ever could be at that very moment and I am 100% sure my team gave it all.

So once again, thank you, gentlemen.  On a personal capacity, you helped me see the other side and real side of magic, just like how the sun rises in the morning which is one magical moment that we all take for granted.  Indeed I appreciate magic is all around us so long we can see it.

Metaillusions, you create magic!

Here's wishing Metaillusions a fabulous 2018 & beyond!

Jenny Ang
Director, Corporate Services

2nd Feb 2018

Dear Alex,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful performance from Anderson. You were right, he indeed is a very charming, engaging and professional artist. 

Last night, there were only praises from the guests and everyone was thoroughly entertained.

For sure, we’ll be passing your contact around to anyone who needs it.

All the best,

Lynn (Close Up Magic for Birthday Celebration)

27th Jan 2018

Dear Kim,

Thanks for performing during our Blk 335A & Blk 335B Home Improvement Programme, indeed our residents had a great time as your performance were amazing!  It was a real roll-eye to them and they are very impressed with your performance too.  You had engaged our residents in a great way,  hope to have you again in the near future for our RC activities.

Hi Kim, thanks for being here at our Home Improvement Programme for Kreta Ayer residents, it was an enjoyable and engaging for the residents and you helped to motivate the residents to be more open minded and they had a great time.  Thanks again and hope to engaged you in the near future!

Thanks & regards,

Connie Sim

13th January 2018

Dear Kim,

Thank you and The Strangers team for engaging the crowd at the event, and sincerely appreciate the efforts to weave in our Bedok Cares message to the performance.

The routines were good and it was refreshing to see an act which balanced charm, humour and the magic acts themselves. So well done!

Thanks and look forward to working with you again soon.


Kelvyn Dominic Li Wen Hui | Deputy Constituency Director

9th Dec 2018

Read up more on how The Strangers amazed the crowd at Bedok Cares Initiative Programme

Hi Kim,

As for my director's birthday party @ Andaz hotel on 4th Nov, So far the guests and our director's feedback for Yuji's performance are great!

He's able to react and adapt to last min changes of plan very quickly. Our guests and TAKSU's team has been very well entertained by his magic tricks.

Thumbs up for Yu ji and Meta Illusions!!

Best regards,

Lai Huiwen - TAKSU Singapore ( Director's Private Birthday Party)

14th of November 2017

Dear Alexander,

It was great to have you at the event.

Working with Meta Illusions for the The Peak/Maybank event was simply captivating and unforgettable.

The show was magnificent and simply magical and the audience was kept in awe throughout the show.

You carried yourself well and were very professional and courteous. Highly recommend and we would very much like to work with you again soon. Kudos.


Have a great weekend to you too!



Yuli Inc. – Fine Jewellery (See a short snippet here!)

Sorry for the late reply but thank you for your performance today :) Didnt get to watch it personally but the response was great so yupp great work thank you :D
Looking forward to future collaboration if possible 😂


Si Ying


12th of October 2017

Thanks Anderson, you did a fantastic job, all of our guests were totally impressed!  As I mentioned, some of them are business owners and said to me that they'd be hiring you for their client events.


Best Regards,

Brian (Birthday Surprise)

6th of October 2017

Hey Alexander,

I would like to say that Anderson did a really good performance he was really engaging and professional on Sunday. I will be sure to contact you if we require more of your services thank you and have a great week ahead.



Hanif Anwar (Autocity Opening)

30th of September 2017

Thanks for taking the time to come and being such great entertainment for the guests!

V much appreciated!

Jean Foo (Director)

FOO'D by Davide Oldani

20th September 2017

Hi Anderson,

Thank you for the performance at KK Hospital for the Nurses' day celebration.

Interaction between you and the nurses was amazing! The nurses were filled with laughter and shock at the same time, it was refreshing for them.

Looking forward to more shows with you guys.

Thank you,

An afternoon of magic for KK Hospital's Nurses' Day

Read more on how Anderson and Yu Ji amazed the nurses at KK Hospital.

31st July 2017

On behalf of the organisers of Shine Festival, we will like to thank the team of magicians from Meta Illusions for the performances they have put up for the crowd. We are so happy to have them on board and the response from the crowd were great.

Thank you,

Andrea (organiser of Shine Festival 2017)

Magic on the street at Shine Festival 2017

Read more on how team Meta Illusions amazed the crowd at Shine Festival 2017


2nd July 2017

Hi Anderson, 

Thank you so much for the wonderful service you've provided for our guest with thy roving magic. We've received great response.


Tyara Ty 

An Afternoon of Magic at The Madeira (Condo Launch)

Read more on how Anderson amazed the crowd at the Condo.


17th June 2017


"Hi Alexander,

On behalf of the Singapore Association of the Order of Malta, I thank you for your generosity and contribution to achieving the objective of this very special camp for youths with disabilities. Our key objective is to share joy and happiness with our special guests - giving them a memorable experience of love and care - enabling and empowering them to seize every moment to live life to the fullest despite their disability.

Your performance and the workshop gave much joy and enjoyment not only to the guests but to everyone present.

We are deeply appreciative of your support and contribution to the less privileged."


Many thanks.

Best regards,



19th June 2017 (Performance also by Yu Ji, Anderson and Edward)


“Hi Alex, thank you so much for last night - you had everyone seriously amazed and impressed!!  

Have received lots of messages from our guests saying what a great time they had and how amazed they were by your illusions - I wouldn't be surprised at all if this leads to more bookings for you - you really are brilliant and having you at the party made everyone come together and get to know each other so much more easily than they would by themselves

I'm so glad that I heard about you and booked you - Dunc was thrilled too 😄🎩"

Have a great week,

Jacqui (Private Surprise 50th Birthday Party)


28th May 2017


“Hi Alex, 

Thanks so much for your note. Your performance and professionalism  is a great example for all other magicians. I've not worked with a better entertainer.

I'm surprised by how smoothly everything worked out given that we could only communicate via email and WhatsApp! 

I very much look forward to working with you again soon. I wish you the best of luck with your career and your upcoming project in India!"



Michael (Organizer of Ford Showroom Launch in Hong Kong)


7th April 2017


“We had the pleasure to have Alexander performing at our user seminar.

Alexander performed for the whole crowd and got everyone’s attention with his magic. His performance was very relevant to our business and Alexander made sure all the guests were engaged.

Our customers loved it and went home with a unique experience!"



Andrea | Customer service Manager | Dualog Singapore Pte Ltd


29th March 2017


"Dear Alexander

Thanks a lot for your e-mail and glad meeting you last Saturday

You left a great impression with the guest I met one after the dinner they still amazed and thanks also for Erica give the roses she was touched"


Best regards,

Peter (Head Chef, Ritz Carlton Hong Kong)


16th January 2017


"Hi Alex

I just wanted to say how much my wife and I enjoyed your magic on Friday evening. I was watching very closely and I have absolutely no idea how you did the tricks you did!

Fabulous fun and a great accompaniment to what was an excellent evening for us all. Thank you!

Wishing you a happy and prosperous holiday.

Best wishes
Teacher - Tanglin Trust School"


18th December 2016


"Hi Alex,

The customized acts were very cool, thank you!

Janet (Tempur)"


16th November 2016


"Thank you Alexander and helping us out!

It was a real pleasure meeting you and thank you for the brilliant show! Looking forward to working with you again soon."

Daniel (Singapore Tatler)


15th November 2016


"Alexander was really a wonderful surprise to many of my guests, who were expecting the standard dinner, speeches and videos at my wedding reception.

The smiles on their faces were priceless.

The excitement, wonder and amazement at his perfectly executed illusions were all that mattered at the end.

I would definitely recommend him to any one looking for something magical (no pun intended) to add to that special occasion.

He’s also a gem of a person, really going all out to make things seamless for the organiser.

Thanks Alex!"

Johsua & Yasha

27th August 2016


"We are pleased to have Alexander perform his interactive iPad Roving Magic for our conference delegates. Apart from his skillfully and elegantly performed magic that has clearly captivated both the young and old at the event, he also makes the additional effort to customize his performance to suit the different audience groups present.

Being fluent in both Mandarin and English, Alexander is able to communicate effectively and build an engaging rapport with both the Chinese and English speaking delegates alike during his interactive performance at the event. In addition, he actively finds opportunities to make his performance relevant to the conferences’ themes.

Alexander handles his performance with utmost professionalism and apart from arriving at the venue early for preparation, he also promptly begins his show at the pre-agreed time without the need for any reminder on our side. It has truly been our pleasure to have Alexander at the event, and we look forward to future work opportunities with him."

Cai Lin | InPrEP Pte. Ltd | Sustainable Energy Technologies Conference 2016

28th July 2016




Alexander performed at our son's wedding dinner at The Capella Hotel, Sentosa.... it was a wonderful performance indeed!

He was most entertaining, especially his ipad magic! which is quite unique!... all the guests were very intrigued by him.

He did a performance for everyone to watch and also went table to table (as we were a small group) then afterward did something special for the bride & groom, which was a very nice touch!

Everyone was still talking about him long after he had gone, and continued to say how much they had enjoyed his show and what a great idea to have a magician, and how different and unique his performance was !!!

He would also be very suited to a large crowd .
He can work his way through the guests quite comfortably, which would be ideal when having a cocktail hour or a reception of any kind.

Alexander was very easy and pleasant to communicate with prior to the wedding performance and arrived punctually, ahead of time as promised.

He is also extremely professional in his handling of all business matters pertaining to the performance.

We have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending him!
Especially, if you would like something very professional and different that your guests would enjoy, be impressed with and remember !!!"

Maureen & David

Intimate Wedding dinner at Capella Hotel

28th July 2016


"Anyone who is looking for a close up magician should look no further than Alexander Yuen. Alexander was hired for our wedding held at W Singapore Sentosa Cove. His unbelievable magic under our noses at dinner left everyone in awe by the seemingly impossible things which he was doing. He was professional and non-intrusive in his manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alexander to anyone wishing to hire his services. 


Thank you once again for your contribution in making the evening so enjoyable and memorable. I hope to find another occasion when we can experience your magic again!"


Best Regards


Wedding dinner at W Hotel (Sentosa Cove)

12th June 2016


"One of the best decision that we have made for our wedding is to have Alexander to perform his magic tricks for our guests. This was easily the highlight for many of our guests - young and old, alike! On hindsight, we wished we had hired one more magician, so that more guests can be entertained at the same time!

Alexander was also very prompt in his replies to our emails and we appreciate his patience and big-heartedness to work around our time (especially when there was some slight delay during the lunch).

Thanks Alexander. We will highly recommended you to all of our friends and family!"

Eugene and Ski | Wedding lunch and dinner at Goodwood Park Hotel

12th May 2016


"Hi Alex,

it was definitely a great working experience with you and thank you for being patient and understanding with our requests. We do not have any feedback as we felt it was a good performance delivered overall. You were also very prompt with replying which made working with you a breeze.

Thank you for showing us your art and hope to be able to work together again! :)"

Tracie (Ms) | Accounts Executive | 3-sixty Brand Communications

31st March 2016


"Hi Alex,

Thank you for the splendid performance. We can see that the guests were very much entertained."

(Nanyang Buinsess School Dinner 2016 with MP Teo Ser Luck)

Kathleen KEK (Ms) | Assistant Director, Human Resources | Nanyang Business School

29th February 2016


“Hi Kenny!

It was great meeting both yourself and Alexander and it was my pleasure to have had introduced Alexander not once but twice during last Sat’s event.
He was absolutely brilliant on stage with his captivating magic.
Hope to work with the both of you in the future.

Jeremy Ratnam (Power98fm DJ and Host)

11th January 2016


“You're an awesome magician and treasured friend. I can never forget that moment you stopped me and my wife during our wedding and said that if you didn't perform that magic card trick for us, you will never have a chance to. Perhaps it was a small gesture - but it told us that you really cared about making magic meaningful for people. And you did -- on our memorable wedding day.

Kai Qin

17th November 2015


“Hi Alex,

Thanks so much for helping make our wedding day magical. Your tricks earned raved reviews from young and old, with people still trying to figure them out.

Much appreciated.”

Signing off,
Barry & Shoo Shyuan

30th October 2015


"To whom it may concern,

Alexander Yuen was engaged for Eurex Asia's Housewarming Event on the 14th July to entertain our guests during dinner. He did a wonderful job in engaging and interacting with our top clients and partners. His style of magic was intellectual, sleek and sophisticated which was highly appealing to an educated audience.

Alexander was highly professional in his dealings, accommodating and addressing all my concerns. He came early and was prepared to begin before the show time.

Even though we had some doubts about magic initially, my bosses and I were very impressed with Alexander's performance. Alexander's brand of magic appealed very much to our corporate guests and everyone had something great to say about his magic at the end of the event.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a classy and eloquent magician for a corporate event."

Signing off,
Liz Yeo, Marketing Manager of Eurex Asia Singapore

16th July 2015


"Hi Alexander,

It was good seeing you again at my wedding too and we were really glad you could be a part of the special day. From everything I have heard, the guests who had the good fortune to see you perform were all very impressed!

Thanks so much for your note, and hope to see you again soon.

All the best,
Kon Yao

15th February 2015


"Hi Alexander,

Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you for entertaining us all for our Xmas party last night - it was a superb show - pure magic! Everyone really enjoyed themselves and still talking about how you did those things! Keep up the good work!

Sorry again for the extra time wait during the dinner. Thank you for your patience.


Hoay Wen
Offshore ICSS PMT Technical and Administration Assistant


11th December 2014


"Dear Alex,

Thank you for your amazing performance on our Dec. 11 – Sofgen Christmas event.

Appreciate so much on the extra stage show that you provided us everyone enjoyed your show.

Our COO from Geneva was very impress with your finale show according to him it was a brilliant :)

I already pass your card to one of our contractor. I will definitely introduce your services to relatives and friends.

All the best for the coming year 2015.

Kind Regards,

Mabel Koh

Administrative Executive

22nd December 2014


"Fei Yue Family Service Centre organised a Christmas Party and invited Meta Illusions to perform. The performance was very enjoyable and interactive. Both adults and children were amazed by the magic performed.

The magician, Alexander Yuen, was very engaging and humorous.

We truly enjoyed the show and would hope to have more opportunities to work with Meta Illusuions in the future.

Thank you so much for the show and for sponsoring part of the performance. We truly appreciate it.

Amanda Woon
Social Work Associate

8th December 2014


"Dear Alexander,

Thank you for a brilliant show!

My dad really enjoyed it and so did his guests. They still can't figure out the floating table.

Thanks again for coming to help make the evening so special.

Dad's 80th Birthday Celebration at Churchill Room (Tanglin Club)

3rd November 2014


"Thank you for putting up such a good show. Everyone loves it!

Thank you Alexander so much! : )"

Grandma's 80th Birthday Celebration

20th July 2014


"What an outstanding character Alexander is,  at short notice he was able to come into our team country dinner with minimal of fuss.

He put on a brilliant show,  and to actually see him working the floor ensuring everyone could enjoy his art was a fantastic site.

The grand finale was absolutely fantastic,  and many of the team were talking about this for weeks afterwards,  asking and enquiring as to exactly how he did that live in front of everyone’s eyes. 

I’d recommend Alexander to anyone who wants a fun,  filled evening with some originality and from a really good guy.  Well done and best wishes."

Joe Jones
Regional Sales Director
Dell Australia

2nd June 2014


"Hi Alexander

Thank you for making the magic workshop very interesting and entertaining! I am sure the participants for both workshop took away something.

They love the way how you teach and the patience you have, i.e. never fail to clarify any questions and also making sure all the participants know the trick before going to the new one.

Zhao Qi

26th May 2014


"‘Hi Alexander,

Here's the photos from our wedding. Thank you so much for bring laughter and happiness to our family and friends. :)"


15th May 2014


"Hi Alex

Thank you for being part of our event at Maybe Baby Hot Date with Your Valentine! The show segment was truly magical; it brought out the ‘oohs’ and the ‘aahs’ from many of us. What was also special was the customized segment to bring forth the early parenthood message to the guests. Then seeing the 100 men whip out the rose for their special lady...‘waa’ and ‘awww’!"

Celine Yeo
General Manager
I Love Children

20th March 2014


"Hi Alexander,

We were so happy to have you in our Annual Gathering on Saturday!

Your performance brightens up the whole event, made the gathering fun and joyful. We enjoyed both the close up magic and stage show. And you were so great in interacting with all your audiences and making sure all your audiences [were] not being left out from the fun. Good job!

Special thanks to you for your open opinions during our discussion. That helps a lot to our successful event."

Best Regards,
Office Manager (NuStar Tech)

20th January 2014


"Hello Alex !

Thank YOU for so patiently showing us the Methodology to your Magic !
Your class was so enjoyable n interesting .
After some practice , my magic could also be so Real !

All the Best For a Healthy , Happy & Successful New Year Full of Pleasant Surprises &

Jane Lim
Managing Director (WHC Chemicals)

23rd January 2014

"Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your email!

It was inspirational to watch you do your magic even though it was an event or magic tailor for kids at NUSS Guild Xmas Party 13.
I was pretty much drawn into the show from start to end.

Continue to do what you do as it is just amazing to watch your magic!

Looking forward in working with you at our future events! "

Yours Sincerely,
Sale Consultant (TOTO Asia)

20th January 2014

"Hi Alexander

Thank you, Your performance was simply superb. Everyone were amazed and delighted by your magic / illusions that were performed with such finesse befitting a royal audience. Literally all the comments I heard of your show was of the highest commendations. I am sure you will soon have plenty of recommendations and invites. "

Yours Sincerely,
Benson Cheng
Sale Manager (V10 Plus)

9th December 2013


"Hi Alexander,

A HUGE thank you for a great night of entertainment!

The student and parent community of Stamford American International School really enjoyed your performances of illusion and magic.

The walk about magic hour was a big hit too.

Your show was an awesome addition to our school's Halloween Spooktacular event and I will recommend you for future school events as well."

Best Regards,
Dana Poole
on behalf of Stamford American School

6th November 2013


"I am lucky to have enjoyed Alexander's performance twice.  Among all the magic shows I ever watched in Singapore, Alexander's are the most interactive and interesting ones.  He is good at both close-up magic and stage show.  With psychology background, he is not only skilled on performing but also excels on understanding audience's thoughts and creating a warm atmosphere.  Hope that I can bring more friends to his show in the future!"

President of Graduate Student's Society (NUS)

5th August 2013


"Hi Alexander,

Thanks very much. Response was great – the guests really enjoyed themselves that night, and after you left, many of them were still trying to figure out how you managed the performances. You definitely added a touch of magic to the evening!"



3rd August 2013


"Hi Alexander,

Thanks for the great show last night, the bride was definitely amazed, and very pleasantly surprised! We thought you were awesome and will definitely contact you again for any future magician needs!!

For a hen night party

12th May 2013


"I was wondering whether it was right choice to call Magician to company event for the adults. And P&G is the group that all left brained people gather and think about the rationale on business decisions. Indeed they were sarcastic about magic performance until they saw the show from Alexander. Literally the performance was the highlight of the event. Many colleagues including management came to me for asking the contact of Alexander. Especially finance director says the show is really worth compared to the cost we spent. She said it’s literally very high ROI investment. :)

The performance was two thumbs up with good mixture of stunning performance + humor. I really want to endorse Alexander for those who want to break the ice of any event. I am very straight forward person, I do not normally write this kind of endorsement statement. This means that I was very impressed, really really. Thank you Alexander again for P&G hair care event.”

Asia Head & Shoulder Brand Manager
Procter & Gamble

6th May 2013


"Hi Alexander,

I have to give a huge thanks to you for all your help in this event! You were a real crowd-puller, and you were really great in engaging with the residents. Many were impressed with your magic and I believe your presence really helped to make the event a success. So thank you!"

Nur Hazwany
Constituency Manager
Changi Simei Constituency Office

29th April 2013


"Alex was extraordinary.

He surprised us in many ways, enchanted us and best yet, made us believe. We not only 'oohed' and 'ahhed' but for me at least, made me wonder about the boundaries I've set for myself.

So I'd like to thank Alexander for making me smile and for making me think. He is, in a word, magical

– Darshenee (21st Birthday Girl)

28th February 2013


"Dear Alex,

Lovely afternoon to you.

I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks to you for a wonderful performance last Saturday night, 23 February at Seletar Country Club for my youngest daughter’s 21st Birthday celebration. Your calm demeanour, mannerism captured not only my family but my guests who had nothing short but praises for your acts. My family and my guests, including youngsters and adults enjoyed themselves thoroughly and thank you for the magic moments which in your performance was no child’s play. 

With much thanks, Kanni (Mother and organizer of the celebration)

28th February 2013


"Dear Alex,

“Thanks for the great job done Alexander.
We’ve worked with him for 3 different occasions and settings and all of the performances were well-received with the guests delighted. He’s definitely exceeded my expectations. Alexander is not only creative, most importantly he’s flexible, accommodating and very professional. It was a pleasure working with him. I highly recommend his services!”

Appreciate your help!

Kiehl's Senior Product Manager

28th January 2013

"Hi Alexander,
Thanks for keeping us amazed and entertained at BTL networking function. It’s a nice touch to watch some tricks while having our coffee, relaxing towards the end of the dinner.

My dept heads at the table are impressed with your skills and we do look forward to more of your “what’s up in your sleeves” in the near future, maybe at our annual dinner, family outings or year end parties.

Keep in contact. Tks."

Best Regards
OOCL (Singapore)

24th January 2013

"Hi Alex

Thanks for your terrific performance which captivated our guests"

Commerical Manager
Bengal Tiger Line

21st January 2013


"Dear Alex,

Thank you for your wonderful performance at the UTown Residence Welcome Party Night. Everybody is amazed and captivated by your magic tricks! We would definitely recommend your service to others!"

Wei Yung
Organizing Committee for NUS Residence Welcome Ceremony 2013


"Dear Alexander,

Thank you for your performance on Friday. It was fantastic – everyone was so impressed and it was a big hit! You definitely exceeded our expectations. The judges were especially enthralled with your money trick, as were the young participants. The feedback we have received has been hugely positive. Your charismatic approach and relaxed style helped in engaging the audience and was in relation to the theme of the competition.

On behalf of the Siren team, we have enjoyed liaising with you and look forward to working with you for future events."

Li Xian, Euro RSCG Siren


“ At our recent Customer Event, Alexander stunned everyone with his amazing magic with his unbelievable sleight-of-hand. The performance was highly entertaining, either small groups or individually was just what was needed. He was professional and non-intrusive in his manner, whilst being friendly and approachable. People were left in awe by the seemingly impossible things he was doing! He was an invaluable addition to the evening’s activities, and one that I would recommend to any event! It was such a special night for us and you were an essential part of its success. Thank you so very much, Alexander! "

Warm Regards
Sales Performance & Development
Marketing & Sales
DHL Global Forwarding (Singapore) Pte Ltd


"Hi there,

I received your thank you card. Thanks for the the card. We are glad that your magicians helped to make our event a successful one.

We will surely engaged you again if there's any event in the future! =)"

Amici Enterprise Pte Ltd
Web Designer - Media Marketing


"My thanks to you [Alexander] and Jonathan for adding something special to the Julia Gabriel Education group's dinner and dance on 31st April."

Best wishes,
Mark Gabriel
Director & Senior Trainer

"Hi Alexander,

It was my pleasure to meet you too.
Thank you for your compliments. I enjoyed and was delighted by your stunning magic performance."

Warmest Regards,
Calvin Huang


"Dear Alexander,

Thank you for your wonderful performance on our big day. We received great feedback from our guests - they loved you! :)

Thank you once again Alexander! "

Best Wishes,
An Chyi and Herng Huei


“Our greatest thanks to Alexander and Samuel for making our already special night even more special! Alexander is very accommodating and flexible towards our requests. He is always ready to offer help and suggestions when we were planning our program. Our guests really enjoyed the magic. It was a really good time-filler. Thanks guys!!”

Pei Shi and Pui Chuan


Alexander brings personality back to magic. His magic was refreshing and that is exactly what endears the audience to him”

Zann Lee from 


“Till date, some of my guests are still singing praises of Samuel's really awesome skills – kids, teens and adults alike”

Huifang at her 21st Birthday Dinner at NUSS Guild House


"Everyone LOVED you [Jonathan ]! I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of you at our other events. We’ll definitely be in touch. Thanks again for sharing your time and talent with us all."

Rachel Phoon, Associate Director of NUS Development Office 


“Everyone enjoyed your show! The Magician who supported SERIS on 30th March 2012 at NUS Guild house brought additional colours to the group of SERIS crowds. He exercises professionalism in his work, flexible in the timing and provides supportive suggestions during the show. On behalf of SERIS, we would like to thank Alexander YUEN for his professional support!”

Secretariat of the CEO, SERIS.


"Hi Alexander,

Base on the expressions and feedback I got from all my guests, your performance is marvelous and entertaining. I would strongly recommend other of my friends to you further more I will engage you again on 181211 for my wedding lunch performance this time in a restaurant at jurong east for a total of 120 pax.

Once again thank you for making my wedding/ROM ceremony a memorable one."

Ian & Eve 


"Alex has literally added some “Magic” to the National Day Dinner as he amazed our guests with wonders & surprises. It was a good pre-dinner activity as it opened up the curiosity of the guests. Guests asked one another, “How is that possible?”. This was very in line with our National Day theme, for the success of our nation is somewhat magical."

Shirley Gwee & Edmund Tan
Organising Committee of Whampoa National Day Dinner 2011.