Singapore Magicians Elijah Goh

Elijah Goh is an artist with movement, choreography and sleight of hand. His performance is a true testament to the phrase “the hands move faster than the eye”. He also incorporates several card flourishes making his card act more graceful and visually appealing. Spectators often describe his magic being soft and rhythmic with a gentle touch of elegance.

While being proficient in his sleight of hand, Elijah is also able to disengage any barrier between him and the spectators, forging a warm and intimate connection.  He sought to bring the feeling of amazement and joy to his audiences with just a packet of cards.

In his words...

For my style of magic, I do not seek to challenge the realm of impossibility or to defy the law of physics. With sheer dexterity and speed of my fingers, I present to spectators a performance that is well thought-out and choreographed.