Magic Entertainment at Marina Bay Sands

This week, I had the great opportunity to perform for the upper echelon of several Japanese companies at Marina Bay Sands. The event was a business dinner for the Chief Executive Officers for the various companies. Although the event was graced by both choral singers and a classical piano artist, the event coordinator decided to engage Meta Illusions magic services to add on to the elegance and wonder for the evening with our own brand of classy, intellectual and entertaining magic.

The guests were formal yet upon witnessing the various magic miracles, they were put at ease. They particular like the illusions with ropes where I proceeded to fuse and unfuse the strands of fibers visually before their very eyes. The audience were so impressed and astounded by the many miracles that they exclaimed their desire to learn magic to me! What a sight!


The look on their faces brings joy both to me and their colleagues at the same time. It is indeed wonderful to see a glimmer of magic once in a while to help forget the daily drudgeries. Have a look on the face of Mr. Tomiya!


To hire a magician at a corporate event not only brings about good solid entertainment to the table, we are also able to bridge an intimate connection not only between the performer and guests but also amongst the guests themselves. Magic reveals that side of our child-like, fun-loving personality that will inevitably draw individuals towards one another. We do not only cater entertainment; Meta Illusions creates wonderful memories!

I hope everyone reading this has had a great weekend as I did!


Anderson, signing off!

Anderson is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact

When Magic meets YuLi Jewellery

Last week, our magicians at Meta Illusions had the opportunity of performing their brand of classy magic in collaboration with The Peak Magazine, Maybank as well as YuLi Jewellery. Having understood that magic adds tremendous value not only to their jewellery exhibition but also to the amazing entertainment that is prepared specially for the wonderful audience down at VLV, Clarke Quay. What better way to complement luxurious jewellery than exquisite and fine magic for the evening.

The main highlight of the show was a specially customized and designed iPad magic segment performed and conceptualized by the Co-founder of Meta illusions, Asia’s Top iPad magician, Alexander Yuen. He mezmerized the crowd by creating the perfect illusion; Alexander materialized a real physical diamond necklace from the screen of an iPad. Not only was this astounding in effect, combining jewellery with digital magic created a profound sense of elegance, perfection and luxury that no ordinary exhibition can provide. The performance for the evening was extremely well received; it is our motto at Meta Illusions to provide top-class quality magic to suit the needs of our clients whenever the opportunity arises.


Watch Alexander in action as he successfully enters the mind of his subject and read his thoughts with the use of his iPad.

asias top magician

Moreover, another magician of ours Anderson, also had the opportunity of showing the crowd his art on magic. Watch as he amazes Ms. Josephine with his magic!

corporate magician

Our magicians were also featured on The Peak Magazine!

Have a look at the article here: The Peak Premier Dinner with Maybank Private Wealth at VLV

We are glad that our clients were extremely happy and satisfied with our performance. If you would like to add value to your luxury brand event, why not experience it for yourself too? Drop us an email and we will astound you!

Team Meta Illusions signing off~

Alexander and Anderson are professional magicians, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact

A Magical Campus Run

On 11th of October I had the opportunity to perform for the Ntu Runner's Club at their 5.8km Campus Run 10th Anniversary event. We have done several events for Ntu before and it was more than a pleasure to do so once again! This time it was a night run event by the Ntu Runner’s Club and what a better way to cool down after a long run than a good session of close-up magic. Much fun was lined up for the students immediately after the run.


The live band and emcees kept the atmosphere vibrant. Apart from the snaking queues of the food stalls and goodie-bag collection stands, I was amidst the crowd bringing different groups the unexpected.

I had the luxury of interacting with many students which had magic happening right before their very eyes.

This couple was so excited even before anything happened because of the participation anxiety.

This couple was so excited even before anything happened because of the participation anxiety.

There was a particular group of students were so amazed that they started yelling and laughing the moment the magic happened.


There was a teacher that loved my performance and asked for a photo together at the photo booth as well! 


It was a truly wonderful evening performing for the students. It brings me absolute joy to see how the art that I love deeply, is able to bring such joy and amazement to the students.

Kim is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact

A Night of Magic at Resort World Sentosa

This weekend, I was given a fantastic opportunity to perform for the wonderful guests over at Singapore Press Club’s very own Press Ball 2017 – Rockstar. I received a text message months before the event from one of Singapore Press Club’s events liaison, Mr Santosh, of whom was kind enough to provide his guests with an evening of powerful and entertaining close-up roving magic. There is nothing more spectacular at a dinner ball than a roving magician performing seemingly remarkable illusions in close proximity.

Everyone at the event was extremely well dressed; many of which were dressed up as their favourite rock stars. Music and excitement was in the air even before the event started. The event was extremely exquisite; well furnished with crystal chandeliers, Turkish carpets, and fine candle lights; a perfect environment for our brand of luxurious and classy magic.

The crowd was in for a spectacular treat. Distinct from the usual arsenal of tricks, I performed some unique miracles many of which created a brilliant reception from the audience; one of thunderous applause and an incessant bout of laughter. One of the illusions that was extremely popular in particular was me turning paper into money. The huge gasps of awe proved both entertaining and gratifying for me as a performer. Knowing that my audience appreciate and enjoyed my magic makes my happy.


I got the chance to take a welfie with Mr Santosh towards the end of the performance. He remarked that I, I quote, was ‘one of the most brilliant magicians he has ever seen’. Though this is too great of a compliment for me to accept, I am glad that he finds my service both professional and excellent considering that this is the second time round Singapore Press Club has hired us for our services. We, at Meta Illusions take pride in our commitment in providing world-class quality magic entertainment for our guests and clients!

This week has been a blast for me. And I hope that whoever is reading this has had a great week as well!

Anderson Signing off!

Anderson is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact

Happy magical birthday for 88.3 JIA FM!

When I heard that I was given the opportunity to perform for 88.3 Jia FM’s 10th Anniversary on the 6th of October, I was extremely excited and honored as I had been listening to this radio channel since I was a kid. 88.3 Jia FM is the only bilingual station in Singapore that plays both English and Mandarin all-time favorite ballads from the 1980s to the current hits, making them a popular hit among Singaporeans from all walks of lives.

The Zouk Capital was already pumping with lively music and flashing lights when I arrived half an hour early, ready to prepare for an amazing show for the night. Soon, the guests trickled in and my inner fan emerged when I saw all the famous DJs in person- it was like a dream come true! It was then that I promised myself I would make them my fan too by the end of the night. And that was exactly what I did!

Look at how amazed they are!

Look at how amazed they are!

As the music blared and the lights dimmed, I was ready to start my first performance. Close-up magic is a very intimate performance where the magician makes the magic happen right in front of the audiences’ eyes, creating a deep sense of wonderment and a long lasting impression after the trick is completed. I approached the first table and started off simple with a coin trick, where the coins can teleport from one hand to the other.

Photo credits to  88.3 JIA FM.

Photo credits to 88.3 JIA FM.


I carried on from table to table and performed for a couple of influencers at the event too! A lady even exclaimed, “How is this even possible?!”

party magic

One of the group was so impressed with my magic that they even requested to take a photo with me after I showed them my reportoire of coins and card magic!


Overall, I had a great time performing at the event! The audiences were great and it was an honour to be able to showcase my magic to these people. I hope I can be back to perform for 88.3 JIA FM once again in the future.

Yu Ji is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact

Magical Birthday Surprise

Something amazing happened last week for me! I received an email from one of our clients, Mr. Cook, of whom requested for my magic services for a very special occasion; he intends to give his wife a magical surprise during her 29th birthday party. Mr Cook was an aficionado of all things good. He ultimately decided to settle for Meta Illusions brand of Magic of which would provide not only an entertaining evening for his guests at home, but also one of awe and wonder!

I agreed upon his request hours before the event; though abrupt, I believe that it is our duty as performers and magicians to provide quality, maximum entertainment for our guests when the opportunity arises.

The performance was set late in the evening. Mr Cook and his guests were heartily dining at his extremely well furnished apartment filled with beautiful vases of exotic flowers, candle light and vintage wine. And what better way to punctuate the evening with good quality close up magic! I revealed myself from my hideout, the front yard of the apartment, only to be received with squeals of excitement from the crows; having realized a magician was in the house, they were all extremely excited to see what was to be presented to them.

The crowd’s reaction towards magic was both gratifying and pleasant. Many of them had not seen magic up close before; in fact, the only time where they had seen any form of magic was only through the medium of the television console. Many believed that all the illusions and tricks were accomplished with intricate props with the help of camera tricks; and I was there to show them that magic, not trickery, indeed exist. Astonishment was followed by laughter, disbelieve was accompanied with the cool rush of adrenaline; all of them enjoyed the performance, particularly Mrs. Cook, of whom the entire show was specially designed for. Her satisfaction can be seen from her reaction the moment I caused a huge fruit to materialize right before her very eyes. I was glad that our brand of magic was received with standing ovations!

Magic, made an evening unforgettable for our clients. It helped solidify something intangible – love and friendship. Hopefully it can help you create something memorable as well!

Signing off - Anderson

Anderson is an excellent close-up magician whom repeat customers often come back for. He is best for casual events,family gatherings,street shows and restaurant magic. For more enquiries, do contact us here!

Magic on the streets @ SHINE Fest

This weekend, our team of magicians at Meta Illusion are invited to perform at Singapore’s very own SHINE Festival. This event, organised by the National Youth Council, aims at showcasing Singapore’s local talents through the provision of a platform for talent development. Our magicians at the event - Joel, Elijah, and Anderson – have astounded many on the streets of Orchard.

Here is what our magicians have to say for the event:

‘The event was extremely enjoyable. I think this is a great platform for young artists to present their art to the public. I am honoured to be given this fantastic opportunity to perform for the crowd. My most memorable moment during the event was a selfie request proposed by a lady. She was fooled so badly by my tricks that she wanted to remember me forever.’ - Elijah

                      Magician Elijah taking a group photo with his newly acquainted fans.

                      Magician Elijah taking a group photo with his newly acquainted fans.

‘I am extremely pleased to see that the National Youth Council is providing young budding talents such a wonderful platform to share their passion on the arts. I am delighted to see that a large part of Singaporeans love magic as much as I do. I would definitely be looking forward to this event next year!’ - Anderson

                                                        Magician Anderson in action!

                                                        Magician Anderson in action!


‘Magic has been a major part of my life and I am very happy to be given this opportunity to share my magic with the Singapore community. The event was extremely exciting and I have made quite a number of friends during the event!’ – Joel

                                         Magician Joel gaining popularity on the streets.

                                         Magician Joel gaining popularity on the streets.

Magic is an Art that we adore that transcends race and languages. What is your Art?


Meta Illusions delivers high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, casual events and other businesses. For more information, contact