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A Night of Magic at Resort World Sentosa

This weekend, I was given a fantastic opportunity to perform for the wonderful guests over at Singapore Press Club’s very own Press Ball 2017 – Rockstar. I received a text message months before the event from one of Singapore Press Club’s events liaison, Mr Santosh, of whom was kind enough to provide his guests with an evening of powerful and entertaining close-up roving magic. There is nothing more spectacular at a dinner ball than a roving magician performing seemingly remarkable illusions in close proximity.

Everyone at the event was extremely well dressed; many of which were dressed up as their favourite rock stars. Music and excitement was in the air even before the event started. The event was extremely exquisite; well furnished with crystal chandeliers, Turkish carpets, and fine candle lights; a perfect environment for our brand of luxurious and classy magic.

The crowd was in for a spectacular treat. Distinct from the usual arsenal of tricks, I performed some unique miracles many of which created a brilliant reception from the audience; one of thunderous applause and an incessant bout of laughter. One of the illusions that was extremely popular in particular was me turning paper into money. The huge gasps of awe proved both entertaining and gratifying for me as a performer. Knowing that my audience appreciate and enjoyed my magic makes my happy.


I got the chance to take a welfie with Mr Santosh towards the end of the performance. He remarked that I, I quote, was ‘one of the most brilliant magicians he has ever seen’. Though this is too great of a compliment for me to accept, I am glad that he finds my service both professional and excellent considering that this is the second time round Singapore Press Club has hired us for our services. We, at Meta Illusions take pride in our commitment in providing world-class quality magic entertainment for our guests and clients!

This week has been a blast for me. And I hope that whoever is reading this has had a great week as well!

Anderson Signing off!

Anderson is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact