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A Day of Magic at the National Vertical Marathon 2017!

Last weekend, our team of dedicated magicians went down to South Beach Tower to perform for the wonderful and pleasant crowd for this year’s National Vertical Marathon 2017. The atmosphere was superbly energetic; there were numerous game-booths installed for every; there were also live performances on stage to add on to the colour and contours of the event. Yet, what better way to entertain the crowd than the use of marvellous close-up roving magic!!!

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Though drenched with sweat and plagued by fatigue from the tedious climb, our brand of close-up magic not only enlivened the mood of the event, it brought much fun and entertainment to many, both young and old alike. Here we see our charismatic magician, Yu Ji, enchants his audience with his amazing and visual magic!

close up magic

Close-up magic is a fantastic addition to any event. Here our brilliant and entertaining magician, Edward astounds his crowd thoroughly to the point where they all asked him for a Wefie and Selfie!

interactive roving magician
Professional Close-Up Magic

Check out the amazing reactions of the audiences above!

Close-up magic is highly intimate and interactive. The wonders that our magicians have presented during this event have seen much laughter and smiles! Our magicians enjoyed this event as much as anyone else!! We hope to be there again next year again!

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Resident Magician at Fullerton Hotel

Hello hello!

It has been a very exciting month performing my brand of classy magic at Post Bar in Fullerton Hotel (Every Wednesday Night from 7pm-9pm). The feedback I've received has been tremendously positive.

In the span of 4 weeks, I've had 3 groups of repeated guests coming back and asking to see the magician. The best part about my job is that I left a memorable experience for the guests. It is immensely satisfying when they personally convey their sentiments to me:

Mr. Alexander Yuen,


Thanks to you, we had a pleasant evening at the Post Bar tonight. Your magic was soooooo excellent. Amazing!! We will never forget such a wonderful memory in Singapore. Thank you very much.

  Magician at Fullerton Hotel
Hi Alex, Thank you for giving us some live show if your magic tonight!

I have also been told that guests specially left positive feedback on the magic. The month at Fullerton Hotel's Post Bar has been tremendously fun. Come by next Wednesday, and say hi!

Signing off

Alexander Yuen