Magic on International Grounds: Yu Ji in Macau

Last weekend, Meta Illusions offered me the chance to showcase my magic in Macau, for Renault’s yearly dealer conference. After hearing the news, I was shocked but delighted at the same time. I was excited to share my magic in Macau, also known as the “Vegas in China”, and an epicenter for its gambling and glitz. At the same time, I was also feeling nervous as it is my first time performing overseas alone.

 On Sunday, I was all packed and ready to head out to Macau for my show. After taking a 4-hour flight with transit in between, I have finally arrived. The weather was crisp as it was cool and dry. I hopped on a shuttle bus to Broadway hotel, and I was warmly greeted by the hotel staff at the lobby. They led me up to my room and to my surprise, my hotel room had a beautiful scenery which overlooks Galaxy Macau.

Here is a beautiful photo of my room

Here is a beautiful photo of my room

Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau

Outside the China Rouge with Meta Illusions flag!

Outside the China Rouge with Meta Illusions flag!

With no time to waste, I got changed and prepared for my show at China Rouge. It takes 10 minutes to walk to the location and I enjoyed the sights of Macau in the meantime. As I entered China Rouge, I was amazed how the restaurant looked just like a scene from a Jackie Chan movie. The client was happy that I was at the event early and briefed me on the flow of events. As I was waiting for the event to start, I met some of the other entertainers including the Contortionist, and also the drummers. 

Before the show!

Before the show!

Around 8pm, it was showtime. I introduced myself by making flames appear in my wallet. I then begin roving around the crowd and working my magic (pun intended). I had a fantastic time performing for the guests, with one of the guests so shocked when I turned paper into money. She kept asking me to redo the trick for her as she examined my sleeves, and as skeptical as she might seem, it ended off with a standing ovation at the table. The client was also really happy that I gave her a magical experience that I promised and lightened up the atmosphere at the event. After an hour of magic, I took a slight bow for my last group of guests and I bid the client goodbye!

It was a wonderful and eye-opening experience in Macau, and I am happy to be able to spread magic and happiness to people around the world. Thank you, Meta Illusions, for the great opportunity and I am looking forward to the next overseas show.

After the show was over, the client texted my manager, Alexander to share with him a wonderful feedback.

Follow this link to see what she said about my magic!

Signing off,

Yu Ji

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Yu Ji is a corporate magician in Meta Illusions. Based in Singapore, Yu Ji performs his magic to a corporate crowd at networking events and even international shows. Known for his edgy personality and style, you can be sure that a magician like Yu Ji will bring the “wow”s to your event!

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A Magical Birthday Celebration!

I was so thrilled and honoured to be invited by Taksu Singapore, to perform at Andaz Singapore hotel on 4 November 2017. When I first arrived, I was greeted with such an amazing view as we were located at the rooftop and I started entertaining the guests with some magic. Look how excited they are! It’s always such a joy to put a smile on people’s face.

singapore magcian
corporate magician

However, the weather soon took a turn for the worst and we have to move indoors. Once the guests were comfortably seated and enjoying their meal. I then proceed to showing them some cool magic. That moment of astonishment that magic brings to people is such an unforgettable experience for me! Really cherishing and loving every moment of it.

private birthday party celebration

That moment of astonishment that magic brings to people is such an unforgettable experience for me! Really cherishing and loving every moment of it.

close up magician

They were such nice and sporting audience that really makes this whole interaction an enjoyable one.

magic event

Finally, I get to perform for the birthday girl, Ms Judy, who is also the lady boss of Taksu. She was so excited that she introduced me to everyone telling them that I am a magician and I will be performing something cool for them! I am so glad that I could perform for her!

singapore magician for private party

Overall, I really enjoyed myself and i'm definitely looking forward to my next performance!

Yu Ji is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact