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Sleek Mind-Blowing Magic at Sinfonia Ristorante

Just last week, I had the good fortune to perform for Sinfonia Ristorante at the Victoria Concert Hall for their Launch Party. Upon entering the establishment, the posh yet vibrant atmosphere caught my eyes.  We arrived at the venue early, and the party was already in full swing. There was a buffet spread of the finest Italian cuisines, cooked up by the amazing Chef Simone Depalmas.

As this is a fine dining restaurant, you could see guests salivating over each dish. Little did they know that they will be jaw dropped by something else coming up next.

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I performed to many tables that night, but the most unforgettable performance in the night was to a group with an unconvinced spectator. As I performed for their table, the skeptical looks on the guest slowly turned into amazement and surprise, leading to a great round of applause.

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I also managed to perform to the esteemed chef of the night, Chef Simone Depalmas. He could not stop raving about the magic happening in his hands after my performance to people all around.

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The family going crazy after my final revelation.

The family going crazy after my final revelation.

Performing for the guests of the Sinfonia Ristorante was an eye-opening experience. The etiquette in which they conduct themselves and the way they inadvertently gave in to the laughter and the surprise brought about my magic reminds me why I love to do what I do.

Till next time!
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