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When Magic meets YuLi Jewellery

Last week, our magicians at Meta Illusions had the opportunity of performing their brand of classy magic in collaboration with The Peak Magazine, Maybank as well as YuLi Jewellery. Having understood that magic adds tremendous value not only to their jewellery exhibition but also to the amazing entertainment that is prepared specially for the wonderful audience down at VLV, Clarke Quay. What better way to complement luxurious jewellery than exquisite and fine magic for the evening.

The main highlight of the show was a specially customized and designed iPad magic segment performed and conceptualized by the Co-founder of Meta illusions, Asia’s Top iPad magician, Alexander Yuen. He mezmerized the crowd by creating the perfect illusion; Alexander materialized a real physical diamond necklace from the screen of an iPad. Not only was this astounding in effect, combining jewellery with digital magic created a profound sense of elegance, perfection and luxury that no ordinary exhibition can provide. The performance for the evening was extremely well received; it is our motto at Meta Illusions to provide top-class quality magic to suit the needs of our clients whenever the opportunity arises.


Watch Alexander in action as he successfully enters the mind of his subject and read his thoughts with the use of his iPad.

asias top magician

Moreover, another magician of ours Anderson, also had the opportunity of showing the crowd his art on magic. Watch as he amazes Ms. Josephine with his magic!

corporate magician

Our magicians were also featured on The Peak Magazine!

Have a look at the article here: The Peak Premier Dinner with Maybank Private Wealth at VLV

We are glad that our clients were extremely happy and satisfied with our performance. If you would like to add value to your luxury brand event, why not experience it for yourself too? Drop us an email and we will astound you!

Team Meta Illusions signing off~

Alexander and Anderson are professional magicians, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact info@metaillusions.com

Digital Magic meets Hong Kong’s NTT Communications

This month, I was able to showcase my brand of classy and innovative digital iPad magic to the management and employees and NTT Communications’ corporate lunch event! This event was focussed upon embracing disruptive technologies (especially in the security aspect). The company adamantly believed that their image and perception of technology is best represented by my brand of iPad magic! What a great honour it is for me to be regarded by them as one of the best digital magicians both within Asia and around the world. In fact, the client wanted to book me on the month of December back in 2016, however, I was unfortunately unavailable. Yet despite the odds, they still insisted on acquiring my service as an iPad magician because they said that they only want to hire the best. I was extremely touched by their gesture.

So I packed my bags and booked a flight together with my crew Elijah, as well as our newest member on our team, Anderson. It is truly a privilege to be able to fly abroad with them!

The crowd during the event was highly pleasant and enthusiastic. Their reactions during the performance were good and they definitely enjoyed the moment when I produced an actual sized bowling ball from a large sketch pad.


Moreover, the service and hospitality provided by our clients were first-class. We treated each other with great respect and at that moment during the event, we were not bonded simply by a business transaction, but rather, by something more. They even had a green room prepared for us before the show. It was a great pleasure performing for NTT Communications and I hope that they enjoyed by performance. In fact, the clients, of whom hired my services for this event told me that the show was worth the wait!

Apart from the show, I had a great time exploring the streets of Hong Kong with my team! We visited quite a number of cool and quirky cafes that sold some pretty delicious local food.


My team and I also scaled Hong Kong’s very own Victoria Peak! The scene was breath-taking and the trip was definitely a memorable one!

I would love to go back to Hong Kong once more and maybe spread my love for magic abroad other international boundaries as well! Alexander signing off!!!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! He is often sought after by technological companies to do their launches due to his skill in combining technology with magic.

For any enquiries, do contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.org

Magic at Hong Kong Fintech Challenge

This week, I was invited to showcase my brand of interactive and creative iPad magic for the people of Hong Kong during Fintech Challenge. This event was organised by Citi and PWC, both companies of which are highly renowned throughout the international business community. The event is aimed at exploring possible disruptive Fintech apps. I was very pleased to be invited to this event; the magic that I was about to perform is not your run-of-the-mill close-up magic. I intend to show them what a brilliant piece of entertainment customised iPad magic is


iPad magic is superior to traditional magic in many ways! Digital magic has a slant towards innovation and creativity. These concepts align themselves very much to the themes and mottoes of top companies around the world. Thus, iPad magic, when presented with great flair and dexterity, would appeal greatly to this group of intellectual business intelligentsia.

The magic that I showcased was customised to suit the theme of Fintech Challenge – Instant online shopping. I wanted to bring out and accentuate the possibilities and convenience on how online shopping can benefit the general population. iPad magic is able to do just that. Imagine being able to produce anything that you desire on the screen of your digital tablet and pull it right out with just your fingertips, would not that be convenient?!

I had a great time performing for the crowd at Fintech Challenge in Hong Kong and so did they. Hopefully, I will have another opportunity of providing luxurious and sleek digital magic for their events in the future!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! He is often sought after by technological companies to do their launches due to his skill in combining technology with magic.

For any enquiries, do contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.org

Moments of wonder in Bangkok

This month I was cordially invited to perform for an exquisite Wedding Banquet for an Indian family all the way in the Land of Smiles – Thailand. I was extremely pleased that I was invited to grace this joyous occasion of theirs. I packed my bags, booked my flight, and buckled my seat-belts together with my wonderful crew member, Elijah.

The Wedding Banquet, unlike a traditional Chinese wedding, spans across the length of two days, of which, was held in two different locations. These banquet or parties thrown by the family, are highly exquisite, prestigious and above all, out of this world. You should have seen the quality of the food, furnishing and ambiance provided by the management. No expenses were spared from the client; they were highly serious about getting the best there is for this event! They even had all their relatives in India flown in to Bangkok so that they could all commemorate this wonderful and magical event!

Our first party was located abroad a cruise. It was so big that it even had an escalator on it. The drinks were plenty; the people were many! I had a great opportunity to show this group of fantastic people the miracles iPad magic can produce! A particular Indian lady was so astonished by my magic that she proposed for a photo to be taken with me.


Magic transcends racial boundaries. I am extremely grateful that I am blessed with the skill sets that I possess to bring about happiness and satisfaction to my clients around the world.

Curiosity has always been intrinsic in us human beings. Magic then allows me to engage with the spectator’s curiosity by showing them a spectacle that they will never forgot for the rest of their life. I am thus able to mould and shape the way they think about reality. Oh, I forgot to mention how well dressed the audience was for this event!!

The second part of the banquet was held at the extremely luxurious and gorgeous Kempinski Hotel. It was such a marvel! There were a great many number of chandelier lights over head while the distinguished guests were all seated upon chairs that look like frosted glass! The furnishing of the Hotel’s ballroom was such a great complement to my digital magic; it was highly elegant and classy.

My crewman and I had a fantastic time and Bangkok and I hope that you too had a fantastic week as well. Cheers!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top IPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! Often being invited to perform at weddings, Alexander Y. create a sense of magic in the atmosphere leaving everyone with a memorable experience.

For any enquiries, do contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.org

A Day of Magic at the National Vertical Marathon 2017!

Last weekend, our team of dedicated magicians went down to South Beach Tower to perform for the wonderful and pleasant crowd for this year’s National Vertical Marathon 2017. The atmosphere was superbly energetic; there were numerous game-booths installed for every; there were also live performances on stage to add on to the colour and contours of the event. Yet, what better way to entertain the crowd than the use of marvellous close-up roving magic!!!

singapore magician

Though drenched with sweat and plagued by fatigue from the tedious climb, our brand of close-up magic not only enlivened the mood of the event, it brought much fun and entertainment to many, both young and old alike. Here we see our charismatic magician, Yu Ji, enchants his audience with his amazing and visual magic!

close up magic

Close-up magic is a fantastic addition to any event. Here our brilliant and entertaining magician, Edward astounds his crowd thoroughly to the point where they all asked him for a Wefie and Selfie!

interactive roving magician
Professional Close-Up Magic

Check out the amazing reactions of the audiences above!

Close-up magic is highly intimate and interactive. The wonders that our magicians have presented during this event have seen much laughter and smiles! Our magicians enjoyed this event as much as anyone else!! We hope to be there again next year again!

Meta Illusions delivers high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, casual events and other businesses. For more information, contact info@metaillusions.com

An interesting evening performing for SK Lubricants Yubase

On the 16th of May, I was invited by SK Lubricants Yubase to perform Close-Up Magic for their corporate dinner at Conrad Centennial Hotel. SK Lubricants is a Korea-based company which produces lubricant oil. I was honored to be performing alongside one of the established magicians in Singapore, Adeline Ng.

Close-Up Magic

Just as I reached Conrad Centennial, I was amazed at how beautiful the hotel was with great décor and the ambience felt great!

Conrad Centennial

When the second dish was served, Adeline and I begin performing for the guests. As I approached the first table and introduced myself as a magician, their eyes beamed wide opened and were excited to witness live close up magic in front of their very eyes.

Tan Yu Ji Magic

Man who did not believe in magic at first soon had his perspective changed when I made an object magically teleport into his hands. Even words could not be used to describe his astonished reaction!

singapore magician

When I played a game of 3 card Monte with the guests, one of them got so frustrated he even exclaimed, “You should be working as a dealer in casino, I will never want to play cards with you!”

Close-Up Magic

After performing an hour of Close-Up Magic, I received a round of a applause from the last table and took my leave. The client was happy that the guests were extremely entertained and I thanked her for inviting me to perform for SK Yubase Lubricants!

Check out the video below to see the great reactions!

Yu Ji is an up and coming Professional magician doing street shows, close-up performances and stage acts. For further inquiries, do contact info@metaillusions.com

International Show in Intercontinental Saigon Vietnam for Experian!

In April, Meta Illusions received a contract to perform in Ho Chi Minh city for Experian’s annual sales conference on the 21st of April 2017. The company had requested for 4 magicians to perform for their event, Experian’s annual sales conference. It is an international event whereby members from all over the region will come to discuss about their company’s sales of the annual year. The team consisting of, Alexander Y., Yu Ji, Elijah and Edward were chosen to perform for this show.

Looking Suave before the show starts!

Looking Suave before the show starts!

The 4 of them arrived on the 21st April in the morning, and headed straight to our hotel, Hong V2. It was their virgin trip to Vietnam, hence they decided to have a taste of local Vietnamese Pho. After experiencing the true Vietnam spices from a local restaurant named Mon Hue, they then retreated back to the comfort of their queen sized beds to rest up and rejuvenate for the show in the evening.

Bánh mì from the restaurant!

Bánh mì from the restaurant!

As evening arrived, Meta Illusions way to Saigon Intercontinental to perform! They were an hour earlier, so Alexander Y. chatted up with the client and she was excited to see them performing for EXPERIAN.

When the guests started arriving, Edward took the lead and showcased his magic with coins to the group of guests! A woman was utterly lost for words when he was able to penetrate the ring through his fingers! She even exclaimed “oh my, this is too fast for my eyes!”

Ring Magic

When the room was filled as the guests started swarming in, they began to roam around to perform for the guests of EXPERIAN. Elijah proceeded to perform his niche magic, with a deck of playing cards! With the spectator holding on to the deck of playing cards the whole time, he made the spectators card jumped to the top. The three girls couldn’t believe their eyes he made 2 cards that both spectators chose fuse into one!

Close up magic

Asia’s top iPad magician Alexander Y. was also there at the scene to amaze the audiences with his beautifully crafted iPad magic! He wowed the crowd when he turned a deck of cards into the block of glass!

ipad magician

Yu Ji also performed his rope magic that day, where he was able to cut a single piece of rope without using a pair of scissors and also restoring it back to one with just a blow! He then finished his set off with his coin magic where he was able to make coins jump into spectator’s hand without even going close to them!

singapore close up magician

After performing an hour of close-up magic, Meta Illusions decided to take their leave after getting amazing feedback from the audiences and also the event organizer!

Looking forward to come back to Vietnam to perform!

Meta Illusions delivers high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact info@metaillusions.com

Resident Magician at Fullerton Hotel

Hello hello!

It has been a very exciting month performing my brand of classy magic at Post Bar in Fullerton Hotel (Every Wednesday Night from 7pm-9pm). The feedback I've received has been tremendously positive.

In the span of 4 weeks, I've had 3 groups of repeated guests coming back and asking to see the magician. The best part about my job is that I left a memorable experience for the guests. It is immensely satisfying when they personally convey their sentiments to me:

Mr. Alexander Yuen,


Thanks to you, we had a pleasant evening at the Post Bar tonight. Your magic was soooooo excellent. Amazing!! We will never forget such a wonderful memory in Singapore. Thank you very much.

  Magician at Fullerton Hotel
Hi Alex, Thank you for giving us some live show if your magic tonight!

I have also been told that guests specially left positive feedback on the magic. The month at Fullerton Hotel's Post Bar has been tremendously fun. Come by next Wednesday, and say hi!

Signing off

Alexander Yuen