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When Magic meets YuLi Jewellery

Last week, our magicians at Meta Illusions had the opportunity of performing their brand of classy magic in collaboration with The Peak Magazine, Maybank as well as YuLi Jewellery. Having understood that magic adds tremendous value not only to their jewellery exhibition but also to the amazing entertainment that is prepared specially for the wonderful audience down at VLV, Clarke Quay. What better way to complement luxurious jewellery than exquisite and fine magic for the evening.

The main highlight of the show was a specially customized and designed iPad magic segment performed and conceptualized by the Co-founder of Meta illusions, Asia’s Top iPad magician, Alexander Yuen. He mezmerized the crowd by creating the perfect illusion; Alexander materialized a real physical diamond necklace from the screen of an iPad. Not only was this astounding in effect, combining jewellery with digital magic created a profound sense of elegance, perfection and luxury that no ordinary exhibition can provide. The performance for the evening was extremely well received; it is our motto at Meta Illusions to provide top-class quality magic to suit the needs of our clients whenever the opportunity arises.


Watch Alexander in action as he successfully enters the mind of his subject and read his thoughts with the use of his iPad.

asias top magician

Moreover, another magician of ours Anderson, also had the opportunity of showing the crowd his art on magic. Watch as he amazes Ms. Josephine with his magic!

corporate magician

Our magicians were also featured on The Peak Magazine!

Have a look at the article here: The Peak Premier Dinner with Maybank Private Wealth at VLV

We are glad that our clients were extremely happy and satisfied with our performance. If you would like to add value to your luxury brand event, why not experience it for yourself too? Drop us an email and we will astound you!

Team Meta Illusions signing off~

Alexander and Anderson are professional magicians, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact info@metaillusions.com

Last night performing at VLV

Awesome bar located at VLV with drinks, and a live band. Exactly the place I have been dreaming to perform at!

I arrived half an hour earlier to set up my equipment and had a great chat with the manager. He told me the response from our magic has been great for the past few weeks that we have been performing here. There was also an awesome band performing live music for the customers to enjoy!

The crowd at VLV had people from many countries, from China to Thailand to Vietnam!

So I approached the first table with the Thailand customers. After showing them some magic, they were so impressed! One of them was in awe when an X appeared on his hand without me going anywhere near him.

They even asked to take a group photo together!

They even asked to take a group photo together!

You can see from their shocked faces that they thoroughly enjoyed my magic.

You can see from their shocked faces that they thoroughly enjoyed my magic.

Man who who could not believe his eyes when a ball appeared from this clothing

Man who who could not believe his eyes when a ball appeared from this clothing

After performing for around an hour past, I thanked the manager who was genuinely happy for giving us the opportunity to perform here for the past few weeks! Really looking forward to come back to this place to showcase my magic again!

Check out Yu Ji performing at VLV that day and also other casual events!



Yu Ji is an up and coming semi-professional magician doing close-up performances and stage acts suitable for corporate events, casual events and even carnivals/funfairs. For further inquiries, do contact info@metaillusions.com