Close Up Magic For Corporate Dinner at Singapore’s Cricket Club

 Yu Ji was invited to perform for AMPOL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caltex Australia, on the 15th of December 2016. The event was a dinner in a restaurant in The Singapore Cricket Club—The Padang, where the company will be serving dinner for a large group of tables, and therefore invited Yu Ji to perform for their dinner.

Close Up Magician Singapore


The Singapore Cricket Club has several fine dining restaurants, with The Padang being its award-winning restaurant that serves fine Western and Indian cuisine. Located on the second floor of the clubhouse, it has clear windows that display the skyline of Singapore’s city, and at showcases the beautiful lights of the city at night.

To start off the night, Yu Ji started performing his usual close up repertoire, and amazed the first table of people he approached. His routine was polished, fine and visual, gaining a loud applause at the end of his first effect! This announced to everyone present at the dinner that there was a magician, and Yu Ji smiled widely as he continued on with his routine.

Corporate Magician Singapore

He then moved to the next table, then on and on. There was a lady who was so shocked, that she screamed when he made a cross appear on her hand that she was watching the entire time! He also entertained the VIP guests for the night, and everyone had a great time overall.

Singapore Magician Corporate

After thanking the event organizer, Yu Ji took his leave at the end of his booked timing. It was a pleasant experience, and Yu Ji had a great time performing for AMPOL.

Yu Ji is an up and coming semi-professional magician doing street shows, close-up performances and stage acts. For further inquiries, do contact