Intoxicated with a sip of Magic

This week, I had a fantastic opportunity to perform for Bacco Wine’s Boutique Italian Wine Fair. Bacco Wine specialises in exquisite fine wine, many of which can be considered luxury goods. The management of the event has decided to incorporate our sleek and stylish brand of roving magic to complement and accentuate the uniqueness and exquisiteness of wine. The mixture of wine and magic would prove a potent combination for fun and excitement.

With a wine glass in hand, a great number of guests at the event were all from diverse cultural upbringing; many came from London while others were born in Belgium, Canada and Scotland. Yet despite the cultural and historical differences, roving magic was not only able to entertain them, it also allowed me to create lasting bonds of friendship between strangers.

Bacco 1.jpg

Magic broke the ice instantly and brought great bouts of laughter within minutes.

This photo was taken while I was showing a group of young ladies the world’s fastest card trick and they seem to be enjoying themselves greatly.

Bacco 2.jpg

Everyone was excited to know that there was a magician around them. The moment they realised that the ‘man in black’ was approaching, they all gathered and greeted me with immense enthusiasm and cordiality. Apparently, the management intended to put my performance as a surprise for their guest, and how splendid has it turn out to be. There were frequent gasps of bewilderment and shock. One lady even exclaimed out loud how amazing the magic was!!

Bacco 3.jpg

It was a truly wonderful afternoon performing for the guest. It brings me great joy to see how the art that I adore and love so deeply, is able to bring such joy to others.

Signing off,  Anderson!

Anderson is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact