Interactive Roving Magic for Kajima at Raffles Hotel

Kajima Overseas Private Limited invited Joel to perform for their company dinner at Raffles Hotel. They had over 10 tables of people, and wanted to celebrate their evening with a magician to entertain their company’s staff.

Singapore Close Up Magician

Joel’s specially designed close up magic dazzled and entertained the Japanese company’s staff and members. He arrived early at the location, and checked out the stage in the grand ballroom and prepared for his performance backstage. After so, he spoke to the emcees and the event organizer of the event, before eagerly awaiting the guests to arrive at the front door.

Joel began the evening with his favorite routine, winning the hearts of the Japanese staff from the company. At his first table, he performed a unique routine with some poker chips, and received an astounding round of applause. He laughed when a child asked him to do It again, and, amazed her for the second time.

Joel Lim Singapore Magician

By moving from table to table, Joel was gathering the attention of numerous people throughout the room. The photographer of the event had even decided to follow him closely and take shots of him performing his magic. In addition, there was a lady who could not believe her eyes from one of Joel’s effects, and she would not let go of the card that she had signed, even after Joel moved on to the next table.

Singapore Roving Magician


After covering all the tables in the room and performing for the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Joel approached the event organizer, and thanked them for the evening. He then took his leaving, knowing that he had left many smiles and given the participants of the event a magical time.

Joel is an up and coming semi-professional magician doing street shows, close-up performances and stage acts. For further inquiries, do contact