Formula One meets Formula Magic

Formula One Singapore

This month, our team of Magicians at Meta Illusions were given a fantastic opportunity to showcase their talents and skills at Singapore’s very own Formula 1 event down at Singapore Grand Prix. Our magicians, Yu Ji and Anderson, in preparation for the event, were suited up, and were extremely eager to perform for the wonderful people, both local and international, down at Paddock Club Lifestyle booth throughout the weekend.

Armed and equipped with their arcane and mystical knowledge on the art of conjuring, they have decided to give the audience a huge surprise. Even though the weather was not well as expected, both of their magic brought a certain sense of joy, excitement, sometimes, even more so than the humming and buzzing of a Formula One engine.

Corporate Magician

The audience stunned and mesmerized by the magic of magician Yu Ji. Revising classical magic with contemporary notions of presentation, Yu Ji defines what new generation magicians should be – cool, sleek, suave. Here, you can see how mere packets of card were able to generate psychological fireworks for those who were interested in our entertainment. The lady in the picture, a Chinese of Indonesian origin, was so amazed by the card trick that she requested for a photo, together with the magicians at our booth. The best form of compliment for us magicians, is not the jaw dropping moments, but rather, the smiles at the end of the performance. That is when we know that we have brought meaning and fun to our audience.

singapore airlines

In this photo, we see our magician, Anderson in action, attempting to demonstrate his ability to alter the fabric of reality for two of SIA air stewardesses.

Magic is all about the connection between the performer and the audience. Fooling the audience is secondary. The true performer is one that is able to engage, amaze and provide moments of fun and excitement. That is our main goal. And that is what Meta Illusions pledges to our clients. And our magicians did just that for Singapore Grand Prix, with huge success!

Our magicians were also performing alongside with the Co-founder of Meta Illusions, Alexander Yuen, at the F1 event. He too, was showcasing his remarkable work on digital magic down at the various luxurious suites at Paddock Club. What better way to complement the event than Ipad magic!!

singapore magic

Our magicians had great fun and so did the crowd who were there at the event throughout the weekend. We hope that those reading this article have had a wonderful weekend as well!


Team Meta Illusions.

Anderson and Yu Ji are professional magicians, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact