Celebrating the Rooster Year with Close Up Magic

This post was written by up and coming magician, Joel Lim.

On the 2nd Feb, I was invited by Amundi Asset Management for their event at Xi Yan Private Dining. This establishment was founded by Celebrity chef Jacky Wu and his artistic taste is immediately evident in the décor and art pieces in the restaurant.

Xi Yan restaurant

Arriving early at their location, I can see that no expense was spared for the event itself. There were even inflatable roosters on each of the dining tables to signify the Year of the Roosters.

There was a long wait before the guest started arriving, and I took it as my duty to entertain the event organisers during their downtime. The event organisers were entranced and kept asking for more. I even gave a personal psychic reading to one of them (disclaimer: I am not a psychic or claim to have psychic abilities)

Singapore Magician Joel Lim

In time, the guests started arriving in troves and I immediately got to work.  The guests were delighted by my sorcery and wizardry. They were even more impressed when the magic happened right in their hands.

Magic Show in Singapore

Alas, I immediately recognised that the area I was performing in was getting too crowded, thus I moved out to the dining area, where I could reach out to more guests and bedazzle them with my sleight of hand.

There were thunderous applause and even dead silence as they looked upon in disbelief. However, all good things must come to an end. As I entertained my final group of the night, I walked away knowing that I brought smiles to all of them that night.

Meta Illusions Magician

It is always a pleasure to perform my magic for a great crowd!

Joel is an up and coming magician doing close up magic and mind reading. For further inquiries, do contact info@metaillusions.com