Weekend Magic at The Wisteria Mall

Just recently, The Strangers had the chance to put up their Magic Show for the Heartland crowd for two weeks in a row! In the midst of doing different Grand Opening for the numerous shops, The Wisteria Mall itself had it's very own feature of different entertainment lined up for the people who came to the mall! What a better way to have a Grand Opening of a Shopping Mall then with The Strangers Show to be part of it! Arriving to the venue on both different days, the place was just filled with people excited to patronize shops but at the same time we had also realized that there were families and children who were waiting near the stage so eagerly for The Strangers to perform! 

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We did our usual set up as the people waited patiently. Slowly, the crowd grew and once we got up on stage and hit them with our different acts of humor, danger and mystery, the crowd grew so much more as the atmosphere was just filled with laughter and joy! Ending off with our very own Inspiration closure, the people showed us immense appreciation through their overwhelming applause. It was an extreme fulfillment to all of us as we discussed, to not only have the audience really close to the stage but it was one of the rare times we have encountered as well! Till then, we look forward to bring The Strangers Show to different parts of Singapore!

Signing off,
1/3 of The Strangers

The Strangers are professional magicians, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact kim@metaillusions.com