A baffling and action-packed evening with The Rotary

This week, our trio of magicians, The Strangers, were presented with a golden ticket to perform for one of the most prestigious clubs in Singapore for their 31st anniversary gala dinner – The Rotary Club. Reminiscent of a 20th Century luxury party for the rich, the gala dinner was swarmed and packed with handsomely groomed gentlemen and ladies. And what better way to complement such an exquisite and vibrant atmosphere with one of the best in Magic in Singapore.

The Strangers Magic

The distinguished guests and honored executive members of the club were given a once in a lifetime magical experience. Many of the guests had never seen a real life magic show before, and for the rest who have seen magic before, they were only limited to the screens of their laptop and television. Magic for them only exists outside of their lives. But not tonight. The audience were well treated to a feast of magic eye candy; many of them were impressed by the deftness and skill The Strangers exhibited during the show. Some were also flabbergasted by how impossible the act of separating colored sand from a bowl of water was. Impossible, or not?

Magic, for us, is all about creating a unique and fascinating experience. Magic does not only consist of the tricks up our sleeves; magic is created when the performer and the spectator are emotionally engaged and enthralled by the magical journey both of them have embarked upon within a short period of time. The suspension and disbelief combined with the theatrics and comedy of our performers, make our magic a wonderful entertainment for people of all ages.

Interestingly, the children of our guests absolutely adored our illusions on stage. They were so eager to participate in our magic show that some even climbed up on stage to experience the moment of magic for themselves. Such is the power of magic! The audience loved our magic and so did we enjoy their enthusiasm and participation.

Singapore Magicians

We hope that you had had a great week as well. Till next time!

The Strangers Signing off!

The Strangers are professional magicians, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact kim@metaillusions.com