Giving back through Magic at the Istana

On the 15th of June, during Hari Raya, we at Meta Illusions, had the privilege of sharing our gift of magic to the less fortunate at the Istana. The performance requested was iPad Magic by Alexander Yuen and Alexander shared the opportunity with The Strangers and one of our Magicians, Joel to also put up a performance at the Singapore Istana.

singapore magicians

Volunteering our time and bringing Magic to the less fortunate is one of the best things a Magician can do. Bringing much Joy to the faces of audience lets us know that their experience with our Magic has indeed lifted their spirits and that alone is more than enough.

ipad magic
close up magic
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Before starting the show, we broke off into the crowd to bring some Close Up Magic right to their fingertips. This was extremely well received because of the nature of Magic being seen up close before their eyes rather than far away.

Our charming Magician YJ amazed an enthusiastic bunch of people with his mind-boggling, endless production of coins from within the fabric of his coat. Much to the amazement to the audience, his magic brought a huge bout of laughter and giggles.

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On the other hand, our other magicians, Anderson and Joel, also had the chance to flabbergast their audiences with their impeccable sleight of hand magic. Magic, to us, is not merely about the tricks. but it is about connecting and bringing unforgettable memories to all of our audiences, regardless of race, language and religion. 

roving magic
singapore magician

Next up, we had The Strangers to come out to perform their Dance act as well as different segments of the show. Click here to see a short segment of their opening act!

epic magic show
best magic show

Did we also mention that we also get to meet Mdm President Halimah? Yes, it was a great pleasure meeting our President. She was extremely cool as we engaged in a small chat on Magic before we all took a selfie together!

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I hope you guys had a good read! Have a great weekend ahead!

Signing off,

1/3 of the Strangers

The Strangers are professional magicians, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact