You will not believe what these guys will do next?

This week, The Strangers have taken on a challenge; to compete and participate in a talent competition hosted by Bukit Timah Plaza. Having emerged as the only participants performing magic in the finals, our trio of magicians are going up against strong competition, dancers, singers and beatboxers. Will Magic prevail?

To prepare for this competition, our trio of magicians, Kim, Yuji and Anderson have contributed blood, sweat and tears into creating an ultimate magical moment for both the audiences and judges live on stage. Their spectacular production of canes and mind-boggling feats of card transformations have won the hearts of many during this week’s performance. In order for their magic to triumph against the rest, YOUR valuable vote will be needed. Kindly give this video a like to lend The Strangers your support. (Click this link to view the video:

the strangers

Yet, the best has yet to come. The Strangers have saved their best act for the finals. What kind of magic do they have up their sleeves? Death defying illusions or perhaps an impossible feat of teleportation? Here is your chance to witness their magic live! Do come on down on the 23rd of June to Bukit Timah Plaza, at 1.00pm, to lend The Strangers your utmost support. See you there!