A Touch of Magic for a Private Party

Just last month, we had a request for a Magician to perform for a private party. Without hesitance, we took it up. One of the best ways to celebrate a party was always with good food and company,but to bump it up another notch, Magic will always be part of it. Arriving early at the venue, I was greeted with a beautiful house well decorated with the theme of white and blue and more.

close up magic
house magic

The client who is a really good friend to the owners, also happens to be the one who is the coordinator for the party. The house was beautifully decorated with Led lit balloons as well as Running spot lights on the open deck which made the place looked spectacular. There were also buffet food lines, live food stations to photo booths and live bands but to add a little sparkle to everything, there was me :)

 Yes, I do have my matching brooch and pocket square to fit the theme!

Yes, I do have my matching brooch and pocket square to fit the theme!

I was also briefed that it is an Anniversary party as well as the owners very own birthday month. With that special information given, I was prepared to create something special for them. Here below, you will see them holding each other in disbelief of how something impossible has just happened. Look how everyone else stood around puzzled and in laughter. Objective achieved!

singapore magic

After the owners, it was time for me to go around to everyone as the guests and friends start to stream into the house. I found the table of 5 to be my 2nd group to perform to and I loved their amazing reactions.

birthday magic
anniversary party magic

Moving through the people in the house as well as the food tables, Magic left it's impression with not only the people I went to, but it also drew the others to look over their shoulders as if a fragance attracted them to turn.

party magic
private party entertainment

Making sure everyone has had a bit of Magic experienced that very day, made my day fulfilled and accomplished. Seeing the joyful smiles on their faces on these photos proves to me that Magic indeed has done it again.

magic entertainment

Signing off,
Kim (8)
1/3 of The Strangers

Kim is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact kim@metaillusions.com.