Magically Singalicious

Just last week, our Magicians Kim and Douglas had the chance to perform for a company's Dinner and Dance. The very joyous event was themed Singalicious. The company had a cool idea to incorporate the good old times of Singapore with much memories of their childhood into the reception programmes. There were Kacang Puteh and Bird's Nest stalls to Singapore Airlines stewardesses dressed up to take photos with, by a photo booth and much more. Like always, Magic was chosen to be part of this event. The organizers definitely have experienced some Magic during their childhood I must say.

event magician

As soon as the event kicked off, our Magicians Kim and Douglas were already in the midst the sea of people. Many people arrived early and mingled amongst themselves as well as the photo booth to the various food stalls but little did they know, Magic was coming their way.

corporate magician
dinner and dance magician

Our Magicians slowly found themselves surrounded by different groups wherever they had placed their attention on.

singapore magic

Approaching different groups having them mesmerized up close in person is something we always do. Causing the crowd to gasp and get surprised unknowingly leaves them in wonder at how something that seems impossible becoming possible.

close up magic

Often the most simple Magic displayed with suspense, brings the people on a journey like a roller coaster ride climbing up the first drop. Before they could see anything coming, they are already on the 360° loop.

roving magician

We definitely left the crowds of people hyped up for the line of events coming up. Little did the people know that their Board of Directors too, have prepared a Magic Show for them as well. Enough said and we will leave it to the next post to come, to tell your more on how it went.

Signing off,
Kim 8
1/3 of The Strangers

Kim and Douglas are professional magicians, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact