An afternoon of Magic for KK hospital’s Nurse’s Day

This week, our corporate magicians, Yu Ji and Anderson were invited by KK Hospital to perform their unique and creative brand of close-up magic for their Nurse’s Day event. The event, held at a lounge, were filled with popcorn wagons, ice cream stalls and entertaining photo booths. However, in order to make the event one that is entertaining, fun and highly interactive, magic was chosen by the management.

Our magicians were extremely eager to show the crowd something magical, mysterious and wonderful. The nurses were highly courteous and pleasant; many of them had not seen close-up magic in their lives. Despite this, they were very much astounded by the visual effects our magicians have to offer. Our corporate magicians magically made objects appear on the nurse’s hands, animate written ink while causing pieces of paper to turn into real money. However, despite the amazing magic, it is our belief that the most important thing within a magician’s performance is the interaction between the magician and the audience.

Our corporate magicians are able to break the ice within an instant; at the snap of the fingers. We are able to bridge a connection between ourselves and also, in between strangers. The value of a corporate magician is not measured by not only how amazing his magic is, but also how he is able to make his magical evening a fun and memorable one. Magic, in itself, is a valuable ice-breaker, that no other form of entertainment is able to accomplish effectively.

Here we see how our magicians are able to conjure up the smiles and laughter for their wonderful audience during KK hospital’s Nurse’s Day event.

Our team at Meta Illusions are dedicated to bring good, high quality magic entertainment to the Singapore crowd. We hope that you have appreciated our magic as much as we did ourselves.

Anderson and Yuji are both professional magicians, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact