Remembering Thieves Market with Magic

Last month, our team of magicians at Meta Illusions were out filming a special project at Sungei Road Flea Market. This is not an ordinary video but rather, it serves to commemorate the final days of this age-old bazaar that was formerly used as a platform for immigrants to sell illegal or smuggled goods. The flea market was Thus, to allow the older generation to reminisce this part of our country’s vibrant past, and to educate the younger generation on our colourful history, we have decided to make a short but meaningful video that combines both history and magic.

Sungei Road Flea Market shows a unique side of Singapore; it provides us with a contrasting view; one that is drastically different from the stereotypical modernised concrete jungle. The market sold a myriad of objects, ranging from archaic coins to old gramophone records. There was even a stall that sold old shoes of various designs for almost nothing. Our team was mesmerised by this interesting bazaar. The flea market seemed magical all by itself even without any magicians!

Armed with their knowledge and skills in magic, our magicians, Alexander, Elijah, Yuji and Anderson astounded the stall owners with our unique brand of magic with the items at their stalls. It is our belief that magic allows the performer to break barriers, ethnically and linguistically. And our little project at Sungei Road Flea Market proofed just that. We made rings appear and disappear at will, caused a plant to sprout from the ground and even made the Merlion, a landmark of Singapore, disappear! The stall owners were awed and amazed by our magic so much so that their reactions towards it were incredible. One stall owner, Mala, even agreed to provide us with an intimate interview on her life as a dealer at the flea market.

Magic has always captivated our imagination. We hope that our video production of Sungei Road Flea Market will captivate yours as well as it did ours! Let the memory of it live on the net and more importantly, within our hearts

What does it mean to have a past? Does your past define your future?Take a peek into the lives of those whose history started from this place.


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