A Night of Magic at Orchid Ballroom


Last weekend, I was given a fantastic opportunity to perform for a birthday party held at The Central’s Orchid Ballroom. The atmosphere was fantastic and every one was excited for the event; that includes me as well for I was bursting with adrenaline and enthusiasm.

The crowd was wonderfully pleasant. They partook with me in my magic with grace and courtesy. I remembered vividly that there was a lady whose voice burst out loud laughing when I produced a sponge ball right on the palms of here hands. You should have seen her eyes of which glittered with amazement not commonly seen amongst adults now. It was as if she was reliving here childhood again.

anderson magician

This made my day. I believe that magic should be visual, strong and impactful. It is not simply a plethora of tricks that is designed to fool the uninitiated, but rather, to bring about strong feelings of emotion that might evoke some form of memory or recollection from within the spectator; allowing me to bring about true feelings of love, joy and hope.

singapore magician

In our busy schedule as adults, not many people have the time to experience love from others let alone the feeling of astonishment. Thus, my job as a performer is not one to fool but to astonish and to gratify. My art is not mystery alone but happiness as well.

close up magic

It was thoroughly enjoyable performing for the crowd at the birthday party. It has been a great week for me and I hope that anyone reading this will have a great week ahead of them as well! Anderson signing off!!

Do check out the amazing reactions when I was performing in the video below!

Anderson is an up and coming  magician doing close-up performances and stage acts. For further inquiries, do contact info@metaillusions.com