An interesting evening performing for SK Lubricants Yubase

On the 16th of May, I was invited by SK Lubricants Yubase to perform Close-Up Magic for their corporate dinner at Conrad Centennial Hotel. SK Lubricants is a Korea-based company which produces lubricant oil. I was honored to be performing alongside one of the established magicians in Singapore, Adeline Ng.

Close-Up Magic

Just as I reached Conrad Centennial, I was amazed at how beautiful the hotel was with great décor and the ambience felt great!

Conrad Centennial

When the second dish was served, Adeline and I begin performing for the guests. As I approached the first table and introduced myself as a magician, their eyes beamed wide opened and were excited to witness live close up magic in front of their very eyes.

Tan Yu Ji Magic

Man who did not believe in magic at first soon had his perspective changed when I made an object magically teleport into his hands. Even words could not be used to describe his astonished reaction!

singapore magician

When I played a game of 3 card Monte with the guests, one of them got so frustrated he even exclaimed, “You should be working as a dealer in casino, I will never want to play cards with you!”

Close-Up Magic

After performing an hour of Close-Up Magic, I received a round of a applause from the last table and took my leave. The client was happy that the guests were extremely entertained and I thanked her for inviting me to perform for SK Yubase Lubricants!

Check out the video below to see the great reactions!

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