International Show in Intercontinental Saigon Vietnam for Experian!

In April, Meta Illusions received a contract to perform in Ho Chi Minh city for Experian’s annual sales conference on the 21st of April 2017. The company had requested for 4 magicians to perform for their event, Experian’s annual sales conference. It is an international event whereby members from all over the region will come to discuss about their company’s sales of the annual year. The team consisting of, Alexander Y., Yu Ji, Elijah and Edward were chosen to perform for this show.

Looking Suave before the show starts!

Looking Suave before the show starts!

The 4 of them arrived on the 21st April in the morning, and headed straight to our hotel, Hong V2. It was their virgin trip to Vietnam, hence they decided to have a taste of local Vietnamese Pho. After experiencing the true Vietnam spices from a local restaurant named Mon Hue, they then retreated back to the comfort of their queen sized beds to rest up and rejuvenate for the show in the evening.

Bánh mì from the restaurant!

Bánh mì from the restaurant!

As evening arrived, Meta Illusions way to Saigon Intercontinental to perform! They were an hour earlier, so Alexander Y. chatted up with the client and she was excited to see them performing for EXPERIAN.

When the guests started arriving, Edward took the lead and showcased his magic with coins to the group of guests! A woman was utterly lost for words when he was able to penetrate the ring through his fingers! She even exclaimed “oh my, this is too fast for my eyes!”

Ring Magic

When the room was filled as the guests started swarming in, they began to roam around to perform for the guests of EXPERIAN. Elijah proceeded to perform his niche magic, with a deck of playing cards! With the spectator holding on to the deck of playing cards the whole time, he made the spectators card jumped to the top. The three girls couldn’t believe their eyes he made 2 cards that both spectators chose fuse into one!

Close up magic

Asia’s top iPad magician Alexander Y. was also there at the scene to amaze the audiences with his beautifully crafted iPad magic! He wowed the crowd when he turned a deck of cards into the block of glass!

ipad magician

Yu Ji also performed his rope magic that day, where he was able to cut a single piece of rope without using a pair of scissors and also restoring it back to one with just a blow! He then finished his set off with his coin magic where he was able to make coins jump into spectator’s hand without even going close to them!

singapore close up magician

After performing an hour of close-up magic, Meta Illusions decided to take their leave after getting amazing feedback from the audiences and also the event organizer!

Looking forward to come back to Vietnam to perform!

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