A Royal Evening aboard the Royal Albatross

It was 8pm in the evening and I was at Sentosa Island’s berth, awaiting for the Royal Albatross to dock. I was hired to perform magic aboard one of the most exquisite super yachts in the waters nearby Keppel Harbor—The Royal Albatross. This 4 masted 22-flagged tall ship was beautiful, and as it docked, the jazz music from the ship encompassed the berth.


The guests had just arrived from the ship’s signature sunset sail, whereby the ship leaves the port at 6pm, sailing in the sea, while the diners enjoy their dinner on the deck as they watch the beautiful sun set. More information can be found on their website here. As I got on the ship, I was greeted by the friendly crew and was introduced by the emcee aboard the ship. Emi, the lady who contacted me, was extremely personable and glad to have me aboard.


I got prepared and brought my props onto the bow of the ship, on netting that was 10 metres above the sea water! After setting up, I began my opening act, starting out by asking everyone to observe what I was about to do very carefully. As this was happening, the ship rocked gently from the waves of the sea, and the cooling evening breeze set the tone of the luxurious evening.


At the end of the opening act, I proceeded to the bunks to store my stage props away. The interior of the ship was perfectly carpeted, matching the colors of the wooden walls and ambient lighting. The bunks had purple-blue lights around the beds, accompanied by beautiful silk décor and each had an individual toilet. After keeping my props, I proceeded back up to start my roving magic.

royal albatross
Edward Loke

I began this segment with a couple, by which were celebrating the husband’s birthday. They were delighted to have a magician aboard, and even told me that they really enjoyed my opening act! Thrilled, I performed a special birthday card trick for them. I then went to various other tables on the deck, performing for couples, families and groups of friends as they enjoyed the wonderful evening weather.

Close up magic

Eventually, I had finished performing for all the guests left aboard the Royal Albatross both upstairs and downstairs. As they left the ship with smiles on their faces, I knew I had given them a magical experience indeed. I then thanked Emi for having me aboard, and after performing for her and the crew, packed up and took one last picture at the berth.

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