Wedding Magic at Temasek Club Singapore

Wedding Magic: Written by Edward Loke

I was invited to perform for my friend’s wedding on the 18th of December in 2016 at Temasek Country Club. It was a beautiful hall, well decorated with many lights and flowers, setting the tone for the evening. The tables were all set up and there was even a dance floor right in front of the stage!

Singapore Wedding Magician

Although I had arrived slightly early, I made use of my time by checking out the venue’s entrances and exits, and spotted out potential locations where groups of people may gather. Upon speaking to the event organizer and the groom, I then stood outside the wedding hall at the reception area, waiting for the guests to arrive.

When the guests arrived, the atmosphere of the entire hallway changed. From a quiet and empty hallway, the bar and cocktail area had become full of people chatting, laughing and drinking! I began performing my routines from table to table, while at the same time being sure not to bump into anyone.

Weddings Singapore Magic


Many people were very suspicious of me initially. However, with my opening act, I managed to break the ice between the guests and myself, and we all had a great time together. I even managed to perform for the groom’s family, of which said that they were amazed, despite the groom’s brother telling me that it is hard to amaze them!

Magician for Weddings Singapore

It was a great evening performing close-up magic, and the guests were all very delighted. When the doors opened and all the guests had finished proceeding into the grand ballroom, I thanked the event’s organizers and then proceeded to prepare for the small stage act that I was to perform later that evening.

Edward is an up and coming semi-professional magician doing street shows, close-up performances and stage acts. For further inquiries, do contact