Magical Birthday Surprise

Something amazing happened last week for me! I received an email from one of our clients, Mr. Cook, of whom requested for my magic services for a very special occasion; he intends to give his wife a magical surprise during her 29th birthday party. Mr Cook was an aficionado of all things good. He ultimately decided to settle for Meta Illusions brand of Magic of which would provide not only an entertaining evening for his guests at home, but also one of awe and wonder!

I agreed upon his request hours before the event; though abrupt, I believe that it is our duty as performers and magicians to provide quality, maximum entertainment for our guests when the opportunity arises.

The performance was set late in the evening. Mr Cook and his guests were heartily dining at his extremely well furnished apartment filled with beautiful vases of exotic flowers, candle light and vintage wine. And what better way to punctuate the evening with good quality close up magic! I revealed myself from my hideout, the front yard of the apartment, only to be received with squeals of excitement from the crows; having realized a magician was in the house, they were all extremely excited to see what was to be presented to them.

The crowd’s reaction towards magic was both gratifying and pleasant. Many of them had not seen magic up close before; in fact, the only time where they had seen any form of magic was only through the medium of the television console. Many believed that all the illusions and tricks were accomplished with intricate props with the help of camera tricks; and I was there to show them that magic, not trickery, indeed exist. Astonishment was followed by laughter, disbelieve was accompanied with the cool rush of adrenaline; all of them enjoyed the performance, particularly Mrs. Cook, of whom the entire show was specially designed for. Her satisfaction can be seen from her reaction the moment I caused a huge fruit to materialize right before her very eyes. I was glad that our brand of magic was received with standing ovations!

Magic, made an evening unforgettable for our clients. It helped solidify something intangible – love and friendship. Hopefully it can help you create something memorable as well!

Signing off - Anderson

Anderson is an excellent close-up magician whom repeat customers often come back for. He is best for casual events,family gatherings,street shows and restaurant magic. For more enquiries, do contact us here!