Happy magical birthday for 88.3 JIA FM!

When I heard that I was given the opportunity to perform for 88.3 Jia FM’s 10th Anniversary on the 6th of October, I was extremely excited and honored as I had been listening to this radio channel since I was a kid. 88.3 Jia FM is the only bilingual station in Singapore that plays both English and Mandarin all-time favorite ballads from the 1980s to the current hits, making them a popular hit among Singaporeans from all walks of lives.

The Zouk Capital was already pumping with lively music and flashing lights when I arrived half an hour early, ready to prepare for an amazing show for the night. Soon, the guests trickled in and my inner fan emerged when I saw all the famous DJs in person- it was like a dream come true! It was then that I promised myself I would make them my fan too by the end of the night. And that was exactly what I did!

Look at how amazed they are!

Look at how amazed they are!

As the music blared and the lights dimmed, I was ready to start my first performance. Close-up magic is a very intimate performance where the magician makes the magic happen right in front of the audiences’ eyes, creating a deep sense of wonderment and a long lasting impression after the trick is completed. I approached the first table and started off simple with a coin trick, where the coins can teleport from one hand to the other.

Photo credits to  88.3 JIA FM.

Photo credits to 88.3 JIA FM.


I carried on from table to table and performed for a couple of influencers at the event too! A lady even exclaimed, “How is this even possible?!”

party magic

One of the group was so impressed with my magic that they even requested to take a photo with me after I showed them my reportoire of coins and card magic!


Overall, I had a great time performing at the event! The audiences were great and it was an honour to be able to showcase my magic to these people. I hope I can be back to perform for 88.3 JIA FM once again in the future.

Yu Ji is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact info@metaillusions.com.