Weekend Magic at The Wisteria Mall

Just recently, The Strangers had the chance to put up their Magic Show for the Heartland crowd for two weeks in a row! In the midst of doing different Grand Opening for the numerous shops, The Wisteria Mall itself had it's very own feature of different entertainment lined up for the people who came to the mall! What a better way to have a Grand Opening of a Shopping Mall then with The Strangers Show to be part of it! Arriving to the venue on both different days, the place was just filled with people excited to patronize shops but at the same time we had also realized that there were families and children who were waiting near the stage so eagerly for The Strangers to perform! 

singapore magicians

We did our usual set up as the people waited patiently. Slowly, the crowd grew and once we got up on stage and hit them with our different acts of humor, danger and mystery, the crowd grew so much more as the atmosphere was just filled with laughter and joy! Ending off with our very own Inspiration closure, the people showed us immense appreciation through their overwhelming applause. It was an extreme fulfillment to all of us as we discussed, to not only have the audience really close to the stage but it was one of the rare times we have encountered as well! Till then, we look forward to bring The Strangers Show to different parts of Singapore!

Signing off,
1/3 of The Strangers

A baffling and action-packed evening with The Rotary

This week, our trio of magicians, The Strangers, were presented with a golden ticket to perform for one of the most prestigious clubs in Singapore for their 31st anniversary gala dinner – The Rotary Club. Reminiscent of a 20th Century luxury party for the rich, the gala dinner was swarmed and packed with handsomely groomed gentlemen and ladies. And what better way to complement such an exquisite and vibrant atmosphere with one of the best in Magic in Singapore.

The Strangers Magic

The distinguished guests and honored executive members of the club were given a once in a lifetime magical experience. Many of the guests had never seen a real life magic show before, and for the rest who have seen magic before, they were only limited to the screens of their laptop and television. Magic for them only exists outside of their lives. But not tonight. The audience were well treated to a feast of magic eye candy; many of them were impressed by the deftness and skill The Strangers exhibited during the show. Some were also flabbergasted by how impossible the act of separating colored sand from a bowl of water was. Impossible, or not?

Magic, for us, is all about creating a unique and fascinating experience. Magic does not only consist of the tricks up our sleeves; magic is created when the performer and the spectator are emotionally engaged and enthralled by the magical journey both of them have embarked upon within a short period of time. The suspension and disbelief combined with the theatrics and comedy of our performers, make our magic a wonderful entertainment for people of all ages.

Interestingly, the children of our guests absolutely adored our illusions on stage. They were so eager to participate in our magic show that some even climbed up on stage to experience the moment of magic for themselves. Such is the power of magic! The audience loved our magic and so did we enjoy their enthusiasm and participation.

Singapore Magicians

We hope that you had had a great week as well. Till next time!

The Strangers Signing off!

Sleek Mind-Blowing Magic at Sinfonia Ristorante

Just last week, I had the good fortune to perform for Sinfonia Ristorante at the Victoria Concert Hall for their Launch Party. Upon entering the establishment, the posh yet vibrant atmosphere caught my eyes.  We arrived at the venue early, and the party was already in full swing. There was a buffet spread of the finest Italian cuisines, cooked up by the amazing Chef Simone Depalmas.

As this is a fine dining restaurant, you could see guests salivating over each dish. Little did they know that they will be jaw dropped by something else coming up next.

close up magician

I performed to many tables that night, but the most unforgettable performance in the night was to a group with an unconvinced spectator. As I performed for their table, the skeptical looks on the guest slowly turned into amazement and surprise, leading to a great round of applause.

close up magic

I also managed to perform to the esteemed chef of the night, Chef Simone Depalmas. He could not stop raving about the magic happening in his hands after my performance to people all around.

restaurant magic
 The family going crazy after my final revelation.

The family going crazy after my final revelation.

Performing for the guests of the Sinfonia Ristorante was an eye-opening experience. The etiquette in which they conduct themselves and the way they inadvertently gave in to the laughter and the surprise brought about my magic reminds me why I love to do what I do.

Till next time!
Joel the Magician

Finalists in a competition: The Strangers

Last weekend, our trio of magicians at Meta Illusions, The Strangers, competed in a talent competition hosted by both Bukit Timah Plaza and Noon Talk Media – they have emerged victorious among numerous other competitors having acquired third in the overall contest.

best magic show

The Strangers – Yu Ji, Kim and Anderson – put in blood, sweat and tears to create a new, never before seen illusions specially designed for this competition. The illusion – to vanish a judge’s phone and allow it to reappear inside a box, a box that has been hung up on stage and secured under lock and key. The road to the illusion’s inception was not an easy one; weeks were spent conceptualising and perfecting the illusion under the guidance of Singapore’s top iPad illusionist, Alexander Yuen. Yet despite the gruelling practice as well as the audience’s scrutiny and scepticism, not only has The Strangers managed to complete and perform their illusion, they have managed to deliver their top class performance with class, swag and humour, much to the delight and amazement of the audience and the judges.

singapore magic show

The most interesting part of it all is that The Strangers is the ONLY contestant performing magic within the competition to have emerged victorious. Numerous other magicians were either eliminated through the constant bouts of attrition amongst contestants. This is a true testament to The Stranger’s performance; they are ranked as the best magic act within this competition.

Although The Strangers did not rank first, their charisma and magic have won the hearts of the judges and the audience. One particular lady was so impressed with their performance that she took the initiative to commend them for their magic! What a heart-warming sight!

We hope that you had had a great weekend as well! Till next time.

Signing off,
The Strangers


Giving back through Magic at the Istana

On the 15th of June, during Hari Raya, we at Meta Illusions, had the privilege of sharing our gift of magic to the less fortunate at the Istana. The performance requested was iPad Magic by Alexander Yuen and Alexander shared the opportunity with The Strangers and one of our Magicians, Joel to also put up a performance at the Singapore Istana.

singapore magicians

Volunteering our time and bringing Magic to the less fortunate is one of the best things a Magician can do. Bringing much Joy to the faces of audience lets us know that their experience with our Magic has indeed lifted their spirits and that alone is more than enough.

ipad magic
close up magic
singapore magic
magic show singapore

Before starting the show, we broke off into the crowd to bring some Close Up Magic right to their fingertips. This was extremely well received because of the nature of Magic being seen up close before their eyes rather than far away.

Our charming Magician YJ amazed an enthusiastic bunch of people with his mind-boggling, endless production of coins from within the fabric of his coat. Much to the amazement to the audience, his magic brought a huge bout of laughter and giggles.

good magic

On the other hand, our other magicians, Anderson and Joel, also had the chance to flabbergast their audiences with their impeccable sleight of hand magic. Magic, to us, is not merely about the tricks. but it is about connecting and bringing unforgettable memories to all of our audiences, regardless of race, language and religion. 

roving magic
singapore magician

Next up, we had The Strangers to come out to perform their Dance act as well as different segments of the show. Click here to see a short segment of their opening act!

epic magic show
best magic show

Did we also mention that we also get to meet Mdm President Halimah? Yes, it was a great pleasure meeting our President. She was extremely cool as we engaged in a small chat on Magic before we all took a selfie together!

corporate magicians

I hope you guys had a good read! Have a great weekend ahead!

Signing off,

1/3 of the Strangers

Customized Magic at Singapore's 1919 Water Boat House

Two weeks ago, Kim and I had the chance to perform for a Marine Company beside the Singapore river at 1919 Water Boat House. There was already a touch of magic to the dreamy location as the restaurant was designed like a cruise ship which overlooked our very own Singapore River.  The company wanted a personalized touch to the show and hence, we specially customized our tricks to fit the theme of their company. Just as the show was about to start, the sun began to set and cast a beautiful orange glow on the Boat House, giving us that extra boost of confidence to deliver what we do.

The crowd was amazing that night. Laughter and gasps of astonishment filled the air as we started by working the crowd by amazing them with our bag of tricks.

 Look at Kim producing a massive coin out of thin air!

Look at Kim producing a massive coin out of thin air!

At the end of the night, the guests were enthralled with the magic we showcased and the client was completely satisfied! 

Hi Yu Ji,

Thank you so much for the efforts during our event! I’ve received wonderful feedback, esp from my marketing manager. He made it a point to tell me having you guys is a great idea. He enjoyed it and so did our customers.

Qi Hui

25th May 2018
— http://www.singaporemagicshows.com/testimonials/
 The guests would not take their eyes off me as I was trying to break the unbreakable rope.

The guests would not take their eyes off me as I was trying to break the unbreakable rope.

We definitely hope that every guest went home with wonder in their eyes and magic in their hearts. Together, the magicians at Meta Illusions will continue to make the impossible, possible!

Signing off,
2/3 of The Strangers
Yu Ji & Kim

You will not believe what these guys will do next?

This week, The Strangers have taken on a challenge; to compete and participate in a talent competition hosted by Bukit Timah Plaza. Having emerged as the only participants performing magic in the finals, our trio of magicians are going up against strong competition, dancers, singers and beatboxers. Will Magic prevail?

To prepare for this competition, our trio of magicians, Kim, Yuji and Anderson have contributed blood, sweat and tears into creating an ultimate magical moment for both the audiences and judges live on stage. Their spectacular production of canes and mind-boggling feats of card transformations have won the hearts of many during this week’s performance. In order for their magic to triumph against the rest, YOUR valuable vote will be needed. Kindly give this video a like to lend The Strangers your support. (Click this link to view the video: https://www.facebook.com/BTPPage/videos/2162544510429936/)

the strangers

Yet, the best has yet to come. The Strangers have saved their best act for the finals. What kind of magic do they have up their sleeves? Death defying illusions or perhaps an impossible feat of teleportation? Here is your chance to witness their magic live! Do come on down on the 23rd of June to Bukit Timah Plaza, at 1.00pm, to lend The Strangers your utmost support. See you there!

A Touch of Magic for a Private Party

Just last month, we had a request for a Magician to perform for a private party. Without hesitance, we took it up. One of the best ways to celebrate a party was always with good food and company,but to bump it up another notch, Magic will always be part of it. Arriving early at the venue, I was greeted with a beautiful house well decorated with the theme of white and blue and more.

close up magic
house magic

The client who is a really good friend to the owners, also happens to be the one who is the coordinator for the party. The house was beautifully decorated with Led lit balloons as well as Running spot lights on the open deck which made the place looked spectacular. There were also buffet food lines, live food stations to photo booths and live bands but to add a little sparkle to everything, there was me :)

 Yes, I do have my matching brooch and pocket square to fit the theme!

Yes, I do have my matching brooch and pocket square to fit the theme!

I was also briefed that it is an Anniversary party as well as the owners very own birthday month. With that special information given, I was prepared to create something special for them. Here below, you will see them holding each other in disbelief of how something impossible has just happened. Look how everyone else stood around puzzled and in laughter. Objective achieved!

singapore magic

After the owners, it was time for me to go around to everyone as the guests and friends start to stream into the house. I found the table of 5 to be my 2nd group to perform to and I loved their amazing reactions.

birthday magic
anniversary party magic

Moving through the people in the house as well as the food tables, Magic left it's impression with not only the people I went to, but it also drew the others to look over their shoulders as if a fragance attracted them to turn.

party magic
private party entertainment

Making sure everyone has had a bit of Magic experienced that very day, made my day fulfilled and accomplished. Seeing the joyful smiles on their faces on these photos proves to me that Magic indeed has done it again.

magic entertainment

Signing off,
Kim (8)
1/3 of The Strangers

Kim is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact info@metaillusions.com.

Magical Journey with Board of Directors

Just earlier this month, we at Meta Illusions have received an opportunity to see to a specific request that other Magicians and companies have turned down. We took it up and it was one of the most fruitful and wonderful journey that our company has had. 

This company had an interesting request, wanting to have the Board of Directors perform a Magic Show for their upcoming Dinner and Dance. We had a short span of less than 3 months to date, and yes they came to us late last year in 2017. Knowing that Alexander Yuen is well experienced in the directorial role due to similar projects of the recent past, we knew this would turn out extremely positive. Both companies have come to agreements shortly as everything was positive as we agreed to take up this project with much promptness.

Without much delay, Alexander Yuen worked quickly to draft the timeline as well as the scripting. Whilst the rest of team worked on getting equipped with the items for training to come, together with the Directors, on a weekly basis.

magic performance play

Our very first meeting was the get-to-know. As everyone met each other for the first time. We had to learn to schedule training sessions to fit everyone's busy schedule. Alexander Yuen had that very chance to get the Directors introduce and speak a little about themselves on the very day. From there, he could discern and direct the individuals of whom would be good fit for the roles in this upcoming Magic Show.

music play training

Thereafter, next week we began our first lesson and to meet the first set of Directors to begin training them. Prior to every lesson when they are meeting us for the first time, they all had to also recite the Magician's Code and sign it off on paper. We treat Magic with great respect and of course, with everyone of them learning the Magic that they will later show, they had to take it seriously as well. That does not exclude the camera ladies ;)

dinner and dance magic

Weekly, we ran through and equipped the specific individual Director that would be turning up for training. It was very pleasant and nice have worked with everyone of them as they were all very teachable to learn every single detail to being a good performer.

stage magician directorial
It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.
— ~ Ernest Hemingway
magic workshop

Having said that, showmanship and courage started to build up and muster within them as our team helped them to work on the subtleties and mistakes week after week.

singapore stage magic

Of course, until the day came where we had our last training, which was just one week before the actual show. The dedication and hard practice everyone has put together will be displayed right before their distinguished guests,partners and colleagues.

 Kim managed to catch a selfie with them just right before Showtime!

Kim managed to catch a selfie with them just right before Showtime!

Arriving the venue that very day, everyone was ready and well prepared to give a good show! Thus it was, the Singalicious Dinner and Dance ended on a great high! Congratulations guys :)

 Magic Show brought to you by the Board of Directors! Photo Credits : WIS Holdings Group

Magic Show brought to you by the Board of Directors!
Photo Credits : WIS Holdings Group

Click here to see a short video montage WIS Holdings Group has made!

As said by Director Derrick : " Without effort, we will not succeed.''

The show was an absolute success and kudos to the Board of Directors, Alexander Yuen and Team Meta Illusions! We wish everyone a fruitful and blessed Lunar New Year ahead! 

Signing off,
Team Meta Illusions :)

Meta Illusions consists of professional magicians, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact info@metaillusions.com

Testimonial from WIS Holdings Group

Hi, Alexander and Kim,

Sincerely, and on behalf of my colleagues, I thank Metaillusions team for the relentless coaching throughout the months of preparation.

It was a journey travelled with much challenges & frustrations at times from conceptualising to learning to the final moments, as we have members dropping out, we neglect and only to catch up with the practices at the 11th hour etc, and I witnessed how you and your team bore with us during this period and never stopped giving reminders again and again, only to make sure we succeed.

Thank you, Alexander, for the efforts in studying our personalities and customising the roles for us, I am impressed by this segment of the entire process.

There were a couple of genuine miscommunication and misunderstandings which I so appreciate our resolving them together.

Thank you, Kim, for patient guidance despite our constant forgetting of the lines and theatrical techniques.

There were just so many of us with different gaps during the training sessions, I really don’t know how you did it, but you did it.

Thank you, Anderson, Yuqi & Douglas for accommodating our rehearsal, and seeing to stage preparation.

Not easy, but you all made it work.

I am not sure if you still remember I once shared with you that another company actually gave us up after understanding our performing needs and diversified profiles.  Metaillusions took up this mission (which I thought was almost impossible) and made it a success.  Besides the concrete leadership, Metaillusions has a great team.  The young men are disciplined, humble and embrace accountability; as a HR practitioner it has been a long time since I last encountered such professional young generation from this new era.

Honestly, there were some slips during the actual performance, and I personally wished it could be better.  But well that was the best we ever could be at that very moment and I am 100% sure my team gave it all.

So once again, thank you, gentlemen.  On a personal capacity, you helped me see the other side and real side of magic, just like how the sun rises in the morning which is one magical moment that we all take for granted.  Indeed I appreciate magic is all around us so long we can see it.

Metaillusions, you create magic!

Here's wishing Metaillusions a fabulous 2018 & beyond!

Jenny Ang
Director, Corporate Services

Magically Singalicious

Just last week, our Magicians Kim and Douglas had the chance to perform for a company's Dinner and Dance. The very joyous event was themed Singalicious. The company had a cool idea to incorporate the good old times of Singapore with much memories of their childhood into the reception programmes. There were Kacang Puteh and Bird's Nest stalls to Singapore Airlines stewardesses dressed up to take photos with, by a photo booth and much more. Like always, Magic was chosen to be part of this event. The organizers definitely have experienced some Magic during their childhood I must say.

event magician

As soon as the event kicked off, our Magicians Kim and Douglas were already in the midst the sea of people. Many people arrived early and mingled amongst themselves as well as the photo booth to the various food stalls but little did they know, Magic was coming their way.

corporate magician
dinner and dance magician

Our Magicians slowly found themselves surrounded by different groups wherever they had placed their attention on.

singapore magic

Approaching different groups having them mesmerized up close in person is something we always do. Causing the crowd to gasp and get surprised unknowingly leaves them in wonder at how something that seems impossible becoming possible.

close up magic

Often the most simple Magic displayed with suspense, brings the people on a journey like a roller coaster ride climbing up the first drop. Before they could see anything coming, they are already on the 360° loop.

roving magician

We definitely left the crowds of people hyped up for the line of events coming up. Little did the people know that their Board of Directors too, have prepared a Magic Show for them as well. Enough said and we will leave it to the next post to come, to tell your more on how it went.

Signing off,
Kim 8
1/3 of The Strangers

Kim and Douglas are professional magicians, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact info@metaillusions.com.