Remembering Thieves Market with Magic

Last month, our team of magicians at Meta Illusions were out filming a special project at Sungei Road Flea Market. This is not an ordinary video but rather, it serves to commemorate the final days of this age-old bazaar that was formerly used as a platform for immigrants to sell illegal or smuggled goods. The flea market was Thus, to allow the older generation to reminisce this part of our country’s vibrant past, and to educate the younger generation on our colourful history, we have decided to make a short but meaningful video that combines both history and magic.

Sungei Road Flea Market shows a unique side of Singapore; it provides us with a contrasting view; one that is drastically different from the stereotypical modernised concrete jungle. The market sold a myriad of objects, ranging from archaic coins to old gramophone records. There was even a stall that sold old shoes of various designs for almost nothing. Our team was mesmerised by this interesting bazaar. The flea market seemed magical all by itself even without any magicians!

Armed with their knowledge and skills in magic, our magicians, Alexander, Elijah, Yuji and Anderson astounded the stall owners with our unique brand of magic with the items at their stalls. It is our belief that magic allows the performer to break barriers, ethnically and linguistically. And our little project at Sungei Road Flea Market proofed just that. We made rings appear and disappear at will, caused a plant to sprout from the ground and even made the Merlion, a landmark of Singapore, disappear! The stall owners were awed and amazed by our magic so much so that their reactions towards it were incredible. One stall owner, Mala, even agreed to provide us with an intimate interview on her life as a dealer at the flea market.

Magic has always captivated our imagination. We hope that our video production of Sungei Road Flea Market will captivate yours as well as it did ours! Let the memory of it live on the net and more importantly, within our hearts

What does it mean to have a past? Does your past define your future?Take a peek into the lives of those whose history started from this place.


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Magic on the streets @ SHINE Fest

This weekend, our team of magicians at Meta Illusion are invited to perform at Singapore’s very own SHINE Festival. This event, organised by the National Youth Council, aims at showcasing Singapore’s local talents through the provision of a platform for talent development. Our magicians at the event - Joel, Elijah, and Anderson – have astounded many on the streets of Orchard.

Here is what our magicians have to say for the event:

‘The event was extremely enjoyable. I think this is a great platform for young artists to present their art to the public. I am honoured to be given this fantastic opportunity to perform for the crowd. My most memorable moment during the event was a selfie request proposed by a lady. She was fooled so badly by my tricks that she wanted to remember me forever.’ - Elijah

                      Magician Elijah taking a group photo with his newly acquainted fans.

                      Magician Elijah taking a group photo with his newly acquainted fans.

‘I am extremely pleased to see that the National Youth Council is providing young budding talents such a wonderful platform to share their passion on the arts. I am delighted to see that a large part of Singaporeans love magic as much as I do. I would definitely be looking forward to this event next year!’ - Anderson

                                                        Magician Anderson in action!

                                                        Magician Anderson in action!


‘Magic has been a major part of my life and I am very happy to be given this opportunity to share my magic with the Singapore community. The event was extremely exciting and I have made quite a number of friends during the event!’ – Joel

                                         Magician Joel gaining popularity on the streets.

                                         Magician Joel gaining popularity on the streets.

Magic is an Art that we adore that transcends race and languages. What is your Art?


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A magical afternoon @ Xinmin Secondary School’s homecoming day.

This weekend, I was given a wonderful opportunity to showcase my style of close-up magic to my peers and teachers at Xinmin Secondary School. It all started out as a surprise! I was approached by my ex-teacher, Mr Christopher Tang, of whom, used to teach me higher-mother tongue back when I was a student studying at Xinmin Secondary School. He asked me whether or not I was interested in providing my magic entertainment services for the school. I was delighted and I replied him that I was up for it!

During the event, I crossed paths with numerous familiar faces, many of which I have long forgotten. The experience was surreal! The entire event was like a trip down memory lane; all-too-familiar and nostalgic. Who would have known that after a period of 6 years, I would be back here at my Alma Mater

                                                          A shot with Mr Tang!

                                                          A shot with Mr Tang!

Everything about the school has changed. The school has constructed new facilities while the pantheon of teachers has changed over the years. Yet there are still some things that never will change – the sense of belonging towards a second home.

I am pleased to be able to share my love for magic with the current students studying at the school. Their reactions were great and they certainly were very polite and well-mannered before, during and after my performance.


I got the chance to show my magic to some of my teachers as well, of whom, enjoyed it tremendously. They told me how proud they are of me and my achievements over the years, both as a student and as a person!


I would like to express my gratitude to my teachers at Xinmin Secondary School for all their love and care throughout the years (and their forgiveness as well, for I was not an easy student to handle) and last but not least, to my manager, Alexander, for making me a better performer while providing me ample resources and opportunities to further my dream as a magician! Thanks Alex!

Anderson Signing off!

Anderson is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact

Digital Magic meets Hong Kong’s NTT Communications

This month, I was able to showcase my brand of classy and innovative digital iPad magic to the management and employees and NTT Communications’ corporate lunch event! This event was focussed upon embracing disruptive technologies (especially in the security aspect). The company adamantly believed that their image and perception of technology is best represented by my brand of iPad magic! What a great honour it is for me to be regarded by them as one of the best digital magicians both within Asia and around the world. In fact, the client wanted to book me on the month of December back in 2016, however, I was unfortunately unavailable. Yet despite the odds, they still insisted on acquiring my service as an iPad magician because they said that they only want to hire the best. I was extremely touched by their gesture.

So I packed my bags and booked a flight together with my crew Elijah, as well as our newest member on our team, Anderson. It is truly a privilege to be able to fly abroad with them!

The crowd during the event was highly pleasant and enthusiastic. Their reactions during the performance were good and they definitely enjoyed the moment when I produced an actual sized bowling ball from a large sketch pad.


Moreover, the service and hospitality provided by our clients were first-class. We treated each other with great respect and at that moment during the event, we were not bonded simply by a business transaction, but rather, by something more. They even had a green room prepared for us before the show. It was a great pleasure performing for NTT Communications and I hope that they enjoyed by performance. In fact, the clients, of whom hired my services for this event told me that the show was worth the wait!

Apart from the show, I had a great time exploring the streets of Hong Kong with my team! We visited quite a number of cool and quirky cafes that sold some pretty delicious local food.


My team and I also scaled Hong Kong’s very own Victoria Peak! The scene was breath-taking and the trip was definitely a memorable one!

I would love to go back to Hong Kong once more and maybe spread my love for magic abroad other international boundaries as well! Alexander signing off!!!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! He is often sought after by technological companies to do their launches due to his skill in combining technology with magic.

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Magic at Hong Kong Fintech Challenge

This week, I was invited to showcase my brand of interactive and creative iPad magic for the people of Hong Kong during Fintech Challenge. This event was organised by Citi and PWC, both companies of which are highly renowned throughout the international business community. The event is aimed at exploring possible disruptive Fintech apps. I was very pleased to be invited to this event; the magic that I was about to perform is not your run-of-the-mill close-up magic. I intend to show them what a brilliant piece of entertainment customised iPad magic is


iPad magic is superior to traditional magic in many ways! Digital magic has a slant towards innovation and creativity. These concepts align themselves very much to the themes and mottoes of top companies around the world. Thus, iPad magic, when presented with great flair and dexterity, would appeal greatly to this group of intellectual business intelligentsia.

The magic that I showcased was customised to suit the theme of Fintech Challenge – Instant online shopping. I wanted to bring out and accentuate the possibilities and convenience on how online shopping can benefit the general population. iPad magic is able to do just that. Imagine being able to produce anything that you desire on the screen of your digital tablet and pull it right out with just your fingertips, would not that be convenient?!

I had a great time performing for the crowd at Fintech Challenge in Hong Kong and so did they. Hopefully, I will have another opportunity of providing luxurious and sleek digital magic for their events in the future!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! He is often sought after by technological companies to do their launches due to his skill in combining technology with magic.

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An afternoon of Magic at The Madeira

This weekend, I was given a fantastic opportunity to perform for the residents at The Madeira. Although the weather was gloomy (there was a terrible storm that afternoon), spirits were high and everyone was extremely excited for the events. There were a great many number of game booths where the residents busied themselves with. Armed with my everyday objects, I proceeded with my quest in astonishing the crowd. 

The residents there were extremely pleasant and courteous. The kids and adults were both greatly entertained and amazed by my close-up roving magic. There was a particular moment that made a huge impact on me. 

I was performing for a child of which I pulled an uncountable number of sponge balls from her ears. She was so amazed by it that she decided to call all of her friends (not a small number at all) within the aforementioned vicinity and begged me to do it again for her friends. We ended up laughing at one another and she even wanted me to carry her! It brings me joy to see how magic is able to brighten the day of anyone, especially a kid!

Not only so, magic also allowed me to better the connection between a parent and the child. Magic allows me to create a bridge between the two of them; to allow them to witness something impossible together, thus favouring communications between the child and the parent.

It was a great afternoon performing and I hope that anyone reading this has had a fantastic weekend as well!

Anderson signing off!


Anderson is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact

Moments of wonder in Bangkok

This month I was cordially invited to perform for an exquisite Wedding Banquet for an Indian family all the way in the Land of Smiles – Thailand. I was extremely pleased that I was invited to grace this joyous occasion of theirs. I packed my bags, booked my flight, and buckled my seat-belts together with my wonderful crew member, Elijah.

The Wedding Banquet, unlike a traditional Chinese wedding, spans across the length of two days, of which, was held in two different locations. These banquet or parties thrown by the family, are highly exquisite, prestigious and above all, out of this world. You should have seen the quality of the food, furnishing and ambiance provided by the management. No expenses were spared from the client; they were highly serious about getting the best there is for this event! They even had all their relatives in India flown in to Bangkok so that they could all commemorate this wonderful and magical event!

Our first party was located abroad a cruise. It was so big that it even had an escalator on it. The drinks were plenty; the people were many! I had a great opportunity to show this group of fantastic people the miracles iPad magic can produce! A particular Indian lady was so astonished by my magic that she proposed for a photo to be taken with me.


Magic transcends racial boundaries. I am extremely grateful that I am blessed with the skill sets that I possess to bring about happiness and satisfaction to my clients around the world.

Curiosity has always been intrinsic in us human beings. Magic then allows me to engage with the spectator’s curiosity by showing them a spectacle that they will never forgot for the rest of their life. I am thus able to mould and shape the way they think about reality. Oh, I forgot to mention how well dressed the audience was for this event!!

The second part of the banquet was held at the extremely luxurious and gorgeous Kempinski Hotel. It was such a marvel! There were a great many number of chandelier lights over head while the distinguished guests were all seated upon chairs that look like frosted glass! The furnishing of the Hotel’s ballroom was such a great complement to my digital magic; it was highly elegant and classy.

My crewman and I had a fantastic time and Bangkok and I hope that you too had a fantastic week as well. Cheers!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top IPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! Often being invited to perform at weddings, Alexander Y. create a sense of magic in the atmosphere leaving everyone with a memorable experience.

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Wedding Proposal Surprise with Magic

Last week has been a really an amazing week for me! On Thursday evening, I received a call from a guy named Alfred. Over the phone, he told me that he wanted to use my skills as a magician to propose to his girlfriend by the waters of Clarke Quay. How sweet is that! Alfred wanted it to be covert, clandestine even, because he wanted the element of surprise on that sacred day itself. Never in my life have I done such an incredible thing. Imagine, using magic to alter the destinies of two distinct and separate individuals. I felt as if I was given the sacred task of joining the two meanders of the river. I gladly accepted his proposal and whipped out my tools and weapons for the conquest for a man’s true love.

On Saturday, I met up with Alfred within Central Mall at Clarke Quay during which he passed me the thing that is the most precious for the evening – his proposal ring. I was pretty shocked yet happy at the same time; to think that a man would entrust something of that great a value and significance to me! It then came to me that the man had placed his trust in me and that I have earned it through years and years of good service and branding; it is something that cannot be achieve without effort and good business ethics. I held on tight to the ring for I fear that its being loss might mean the end of the world, for me, and for the both of them.


What a beautiful ring!

Then came the great scheme! I armed with the ring, pretended to be a street magician on the streets. I showed the crowd a couple of amazing miracles. I was stalling for time. Even though I might not look like it, I was pretty nervous for the proposal. I slowly inched my way towards Alfred and his girlfriend, of whom have just arrived, where the both of them were leaning by the rails of the river, admiring the night lights of Singapore Clarke Quay. I clenched my fist and approached them and asked them if they wanted to see something amazing. Alfred, with his brilliant Oscar-worthy acting, said yes and pretended that we were strangers, both of whom, on surface, have just met each other for the first time!

This is a photo of me performing for the both of them!

Then came the big reveal!  I pulled out a wooden box, of which comprises the ring, and handed it to Alfred. He immediately showed it to the crowd and without any hesitation, went down on his knees and proposed in front of a huge crowd – will you marry me?

The crowd, having understood that this was a planned situation, started going wild, many of them clapping and cheering, hoping that Alfred and his girlfriend would come to a happy ending! The girlfriend was so appalled by the sudden proposal that she started tearing and smiling at Alfred in disbelief!

This was the moment of magic!

Alfred’s girlfriend, tiptoed her way in front of Alfred, and caressed his hands with great joy and tenderness. She had said yes!!! Everyone was elated to see Alfred’s plan had worked and everyone cheered for them as they held each other in their arms before us!


I am glad that magic has brought happiness to the both of them! It has brought me tremendous pleasure partaking in this great and fantastic proposal! Moments like this pushes me forward in my journey as a magician! I hope that this story was a pleasant read! Cheers!


Do check out the video below!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India!  Occasionally, he does special projects like this for the "aww-s"

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A Night of Magic at Orchid Ballroom


Last weekend, I was given a fantastic opportunity to perform for a birthday party held at The Central’s Orchid Ballroom. The atmosphere was fantastic and every one was excited for the event; that includes me as well for I was bursting with adrenaline and enthusiasm.

The crowd was wonderfully pleasant. They partook with me in my magic with grace and courtesy. I remembered vividly that there was a lady whose voice burst out loud laughing when I produced a sponge ball right on the palms of here hands. You should have seen her eyes of which glittered with amazement not commonly seen amongst adults now. It was as if she was reliving here childhood again.

anderson magician

This made my day. I believe that magic should be visual, strong and impactful. It is not simply a plethora of tricks that is designed to fool the uninitiated, but rather, to bring about strong feelings of emotion that might evoke some form of memory or recollection from within the spectator; allowing me to bring about true feelings of love, joy and hope.

singapore magician

In our busy schedule as adults, not many people have the time to experience love from others let alone the feeling of astonishment. Thus, my job as a performer is not one to fool but to astonish and to gratify. My art is not mystery alone but happiness as well.

close up magic

It was thoroughly enjoyable performing for the crowd at the birthday party. It has been a great week for me and I hope that anyone reading this will have a great week ahead of them as well! Anderson signing off!!

Do check out the amazing reactions when I was performing in the video below!

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A Day of Magic at the National Vertical Marathon 2017!

Last weekend, our team of dedicated magicians went down to South Beach Tower to perform for the wonderful and pleasant crowd for this year’s National Vertical Marathon 2017. The atmosphere was superbly energetic; there were numerous game-booths installed for every; there were also live performances on stage to add on to the colour and contours of the event. Yet, what better way to entertain the crowd than the use of marvellous close-up roving magic!!!

singapore magician

Though drenched with sweat and plagued by fatigue from the tedious climb, our brand of close-up magic not only enlivened the mood of the event, it brought much fun and entertainment to many, both young and old alike. Here we see our charismatic magician, Yu Ji, enchants his audience with his amazing and visual magic!

close up magic

Close-up magic is a fantastic addition to any event. Here our brilliant and entertaining magician, Edward astounds his crowd thoroughly to the point where they all asked him for a Wefie and Selfie!

interactive roving magician
Professional Close-Up Magic

Check out the amazing reactions of the audiences above!

Close-up magic is highly intimate and interactive. The wonders that our magicians have presented during this event have seen much laughter and smiles! Our magicians enjoyed this event as much as anyone else!! We hope to be there again next year again!

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