Another awesome night at VLV

Drinks, magic and live bands, what’s not to love at VLV?  The atmosphere was chill, and I’m sure the crowd would love to see some magic.

As I arrived earlier than expected, I saw the live-band getting ready to perform. Using this chance, I decided to do a bit of "warming up" and perform a bit for them.
Magic really helped to break the ice!

Singapore Magician Close Up

VLV has two areas, one which was the open-air bar, and the other was the exclusive club area. I performed around both areas, and each area had its unique points. The open area is where the live band is, it has a really chill vibe; great for drinks and catching up. Inside VLV, it is a lot more posh and quieter, there are nice couches and sofas. Great place to talk business/

The crowd at VLV quite international, there were a good mix of foreigners and lcoals. These two guys were from Japan and I had a great time performing for them

Close Up Magic Singapore


Magicians Singapore


Close Up Magic Singapore Magicians

About midway, I went inside to perform my brand of close up magic. You can see from their smiling faces that they enjoyed the magic very much.

Singapore Magicians

Here’s a nice photo of the live band jamming away behind me while I was up to my magical trickery.

Restaurant Magician

Shout-out to the live band Mischief for their awesome renditions of requested songs.

I met many interesting individuals at VLV, ranging from an American who claims to be a Hollywood actor to professional dancers taking stage. I’m revving to go again next week. I wonder who would I be performing to next week?


Joel is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact info@metaillusions.comSee his profile here!



Entertaining Guests at VLV (International Women's Day)

Great Evening Performing at VLV!

Singapore Restaurant Magician


On Wednesday, the 8th of March, I was called to perform for VLV, a restaurant/lounge located in Clarke Quay. It is next to Attica, one of Singapore’s most happening clubs, and I had a great time performing for many groups of friends and some families.

I began the night by performing for a couple located near to the entrance. They said that they were just chilling by the Singapore River, and even pointed out that they enjoyed my magic too!

I then moved from table to table, performing more and more magic. It so happened, that that day was international women’s day, and I had come prepared. I managed to perform some very interesting effects, designed especially for this day. Everyone was laughing continuously as I made a pen penetrate their selected card!

Magician Singapore

I also made my way around, and performed for a few more couples. It was heartwarming to see so many people having a good Wednesday evening spending time with the people they love.

Meta Illusions Magicians

At my last table, I performed for a group of foreigners. There was a Canadian and 2 Belgians! In my first trick, one of them tried to sneak out a card, and was caught. However, I bamboozled them hard when that same card floated in the air!

Magician Close Up


It was indeed a great night performing at VLV, and I would definitely do it again. Happy International Women’s Day!

Singapore Restaurant Magic

We will be performing every Wednesday Night at VLV for the month of March! Join Meta Illusions and be amazed on Ladies Night!


Edward is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact

Magician at NTU Festival

This post was written by Joel Lim

Being part of NTU U-festival 2017 was an eye-opener. A NTU student myself, I never had the opportunity to perform for one of NTU student union’s event so I was understandably excited for this chance to amaze and astound my fellow students.

For the first time in quite a while, I felt nervous about performing. These are university students, forged hard in the brimstones of the education system. I looked around, and realise that there is nothing to fear. Everyone is here to have fun. Let’s bring the fun to the crowd.

Singapore Magicians

After breaking the ice with a group of business students, the butterflies in my stomach went away. 

Singapore Roving Magic

There was a group of S.T.E.M(science, technology, engineering and maths) students and I could literally see the gears in their heads grinding to a stop while I was performing to them. It’s such a sight to see people who deal with certainties get completely baffled.

Magic Show Singapore

These two Red Bull "Angels" were great audiences. Also, who can say no to free Red Bull?

Close Up Magic Singapore

The lovely emcees for the event. The girl on the right couldn’t stop laughing uncontrollably. I take it that she’s just too flabbergasted.

It was amazing to perform for my peers. I got to brighten the days of people whose daily dredge I fully understand as a student myself.

I’ll gladly perform around NTU again! Now, if I could convince NTU to set-up a school of magic like Hogwarts….


Joel is a professional magician, working with Meta Illusions to deliver high-quality magic shows for restaurants, corporations, MNCs and other businesses. For more information, contact See his profile here!

Celebrating the Rooster Year with Close Up Magic

This post was written by up and coming magician, Joel Lim.

On the 2nd Feb, I was invited by Amundi Asset Management for their event at Xi Yan Private Dining. This establishment was founded by Celebrity chef Jacky Wu and his artistic taste is immediately evident in the décor and art pieces in the restaurant.

Xi Yan restaurant

Arriving early at their location, I can see that no expense was spared for the event itself. There were even inflatable roosters on each of the dining tables to signify the Year of the Roosters.

There was a long wait before the guest started arriving, and I took it as my duty to entertain the event organisers during their downtime. The event organisers were entranced and kept asking for more. I even gave a personal psychic reading to one of them (disclaimer: I am not a psychic or claim to have psychic abilities)

Singapore Magician Joel Lim

In time, the guests started arriving in troves and I immediately got to work.  The guests were delighted by my sorcery and wizardry. They were even more impressed when the magic happened right in their hands.

Magic Show in Singapore

Alas, I immediately recognised that the area I was performing in was getting too crowded, thus I moved out to the dining area, where I could reach out to more guests and bedazzle them with my sleight of hand.

There were thunderous applause and even dead silence as they looked upon in disbelief. However, all good things must come to an end. As I entertained my final group of the night, I walked away knowing that I brought smiles to all of them that night.

Meta Illusions Magician

It is always a pleasure to perform my magic for a great crowd!

Joel is an up and coming magician doing close up magic and mind reading. For further inquiries, do contact

Wedding Magic at Temasek Club Singapore

Wedding Magic: Written by Edward Loke

I was invited to perform for my friend’s wedding on the 18th of December in 2016 at Temasek Country Club. It was a beautiful hall, well decorated with many lights and flowers, setting the tone for the evening. The tables were all set up and there was even a dance floor right in front of the stage!

Singapore Wedding Magician

Although I had arrived slightly early, I made use of my time by checking out the venue’s entrances and exits, and spotted out potential locations where groups of people may gather. Upon speaking to the event organizer and the groom, I then stood outside the wedding hall at the reception area, waiting for the guests to arrive.

When the guests arrived, the atmosphere of the entire hallway changed. From a quiet and empty hallway, the bar and cocktail area had become full of people chatting, laughing and drinking! I began performing my routines from table to table, while at the same time being sure not to bump into anyone.

Weddings Singapore Magic


Many people were very suspicious of me initially. However, with my opening act, I managed to break the ice between the guests and myself, and we all had a great time together. I even managed to perform for the groom’s family, of which said that they were amazed, despite the groom’s brother telling me that it is hard to amaze them!

Magician for Weddings Singapore

It was a great evening performing close-up magic, and the guests were all very delighted. When the doors opened and all the guests had finished proceeding into the grand ballroom, I thanked the event’s organizers and then proceeded to prepare for the small stage act that I was to perform later that evening.

Edward is an up and coming semi-professional magician doing street shows, close-up performances and stage acts. For further inquiries, do contact

Close Up Magic For Corporate Dinner at Singapore’s Cricket Club

 Yu Ji was invited to perform for AMPOL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caltex Australia, on the 15th of December 2016. The event was a dinner in a restaurant in The Singapore Cricket Club—The Padang, where the company will be serving dinner for a large group of tables, and therefore invited Yu Ji to perform for their dinner.

Close Up Magician Singapore


The Singapore Cricket Club has several fine dining restaurants, with The Padang being its award-winning restaurant that serves fine Western and Indian cuisine. Located on the second floor of the clubhouse, it has clear windows that display the skyline of Singapore’s city, and at showcases the beautiful lights of the city at night.

To start off the night, Yu Ji started performing his usual close up repertoire, and amazed the first table of people he approached. His routine was polished, fine and visual, gaining a loud applause at the end of his first effect! This announced to everyone present at the dinner that there was a magician, and Yu Ji smiled widely as he continued on with his routine.

Corporate Magician Singapore

He then moved to the next table, then on and on. There was a lady who was so shocked, that she screamed when he made a cross appear on her hand that she was watching the entire time! He also entertained the VIP guests for the night, and everyone had a great time overall.

Singapore Magician Corporate

After thanking the event organizer, Yu Ji took his leave at the end of his booked timing. It was a pleasant experience, and Yu Ji had a great time performing for AMPOL.

Yu Ji is an up and coming semi-professional magician doing street shows, close-up performances and stage acts. For further inquiries, do contact

Interactive Roving Magic for Kajima at Raffles Hotel

Kajima Overseas Private Limited invited Joel to perform for their company dinner at Raffles Hotel. They had over 10 tables of people, and wanted to celebrate their evening with a magician to entertain their company’s staff.

Singapore Close Up Magician

Joel’s specially designed close up magic dazzled and entertained the Japanese company’s staff and members. He arrived early at the location, and checked out the stage in the grand ballroom and prepared for his performance backstage. After so, he spoke to the emcees and the event organizer of the event, before eagerly awaiting the guests to arrive at the front door.

Joel began the evening with his favorite routine, winning the hearts of the Japanese staff from the company. At his first table, he performed a unique routine with some poker chips, and received an astounding round of applause. He laughed when a child asked him to do It again, and, amazed her for the second time.

Joel Lim Singapore Magician

By moving from table to table, Joel was gathering the attention of numerous people throughout the room. The photographer of the event had even decided to follow him closely and take shots of him performing his magic. In addition, there was a lady who could not believe her eyes from one of Joel’s effects, and she would not let go of the card that she had signed, even after Joel moved on to the next table.

Singapore Roving Magician


After covering all the tables in the room and performing for the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Joel approached the event organizer, and thanked them for the evening. He then took his leaving, knowing that he had left many smiles and given the participants of the event a magical time.

Joel is an up and coming semi-professional magician doing street shows, close-up performances and stage acts. For further inquiries, do contact

Performance for Performance Motors (BMW Showroom)

This post was written by up and coming Singapore Magician, Darren Tien.

And so, my latest assignment took me to the BMW showroom to perform for their guest. What an exciting opportunity for a car fanatic like me, to ogle at those beautifully-crafted BMWs! (oops! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was diligently doing my job there and entertaining those lovely showroom-goers. But sometimes, those cars really do steal your eyes, and you just can’t resist!)

The Beast-like BMW i8. This thing packs elegance, power and efficiency all in one hybrid car

The Beast-like BMW i8. This thing packs elegance, power and efficiency all in one hybrid car

I must admit, that is my favorite car in the entire showroom. The way the doors open up like a seagull wings, it is definitely the tool to flaunt with. Dad, buy this for your next car!

So anyway, because it is the March school holidays, Performance Motors (AKA BMW) arranged this ‘family day’ event for two weekends (12th-13th and 19th-20th). And I, excited to say, am performing on both weekends!

Aside from the array of cars on display, there are a number of entertainments available at the showroom. Free food and drinks are also available at the level1 café.

To keep the kids entertained, there is a movie room, where movies are screened all day long. And Hey, Free popcorns and candy floss!

Also, the very popular prize catcher.

Also, the very popular prize catcher.

 Look at how engrossed these kids are.

 Look at how engrossed these kids are.

And last but not least, not to forget, there is yours truly, bringing you my magic. My showtimes starts from 1pm, and goes on for 3 hours, till 4pm! So catch me, when you are there!

Look! I have my own billboard!

Look! I have my own billboard!

Just a quick preview of my magic, here are a few snapshots of their fun times!

Just a quick preview of my magic, here are a few snapshots of their fun times!

Not forgetting the young ones.

Not forgetting the young ones.

A quick shoutout to this group of adults above. They were so incredibly enthusiastic about my performance. If I have a “best audience award”, it will definitely go to them. P.S. if one of you is reading this, remember to bring a stack of magazine, for me to change it into 50 dollars for you. ;)

So, if you do not have anything planned for this weekend (19th and 20th of March), do come on down to the BMW showroom at 303 Alexandra Road, and experience the magic of the BMWs. Whether you are a car enthusiast, potential car buyer, or just looking for something to do over the weekend, there is definitely something for everybody at the BMW showroom.

Thank you very much Performance Motors for the opportunity to perform at your showroom!

P.S. Parking is free over the weekend, for those of you who are driving down to the showroom.


Darren Tien

Resident Magician at Fullerton Hotel

Hello hello!

It has been a very exciting month performing my brand of classy magic at Post Bar in Fullerton Hotel (Every Wednesday Night from 7pm-9pm). The feedback I've received has been tremendously positive.

In the span of 4 weeks, I've had 3 groups of repeated guests coming back and asking to see the magician. The best part about my job is that I left a memorable experience for the guests. It is immensely satisfying when they personally convey their sentiments to me:

Mr. Alexander Yuen,


Thanks to you, we had a pleasant evening at the Post Bar tonight. Your magic was soooooo excellent. Amazing!! We will never forget such a wonderful memory in Singapore. Thank you very much.

  Magician at Fullerton Hotel
Hi Alex, Thank you for giving us some live show if your magic tonight!

I have also been told that guests specially left positive feedback on the magic. The month at Fullerton Hotel's Post Bar has been tremendously fun. Come by next Wednesday, and say hi!

Signing off

Alexander Yuen